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Digital Marketing Nerd

Thrive Themes is looking for an OBSESSED digital marketing nerd to join our team as a marketing strategist and content creator.

Do you…

  • Eat, breathe and dream marketing?

  • Follow several different online marketing blogs?

  • Read marketing books for fun?

  • Run your own online business side-hustle? (or are working on it?)

  • Struggle to fall asleep at night because you’ve got a clever marketing idea you want to test a campaign around?

  • Think writing blog posts and making videos about your latest marketing experiment sounds like fun, not work?

Then this is the digital marketing role you’re looking for!

What’s Thrive Themes and Who Do We Serve?

Thrive Themes is a software company that makes conversion focused themes and plugins for WordPress:

We sell all of our tools as either:

  • Standalone products for an annual subscription or…

  • As a complete online business building toolkit for an annual or quarterly subscription, called Thrive Suite -

Our WordPress plugins and theme (Thrive Theme Builder) are built to help DIY solopreneurs, small businesses and expertise vendors (e.g. coaches, course creators and info-preneurs) build, run, market and grow an online business — without having to write a single line of code.

In a nutshell, Thrive Suite allows non-coders to do the following:

  1. Visually build and completely customize their WordPress website(s)

  2. Rapidly implement online business ideas to validate and boostrap an online business

  3. Start and grow critical assets, like an email list

  4. Create and sell digital products, like online courses and membership site content

How We Work

The Thrive Themes marketing team is 100% remote with team members contributing from around the globe (currently from the USA, UK, Spain, Namibia, Poland, Romania) or as location independent digital nomads who move around a lot.

Since our company is based in Europe, we do prefer candidates who can be available during European/African business hours.

Our target customer markets are the EU and the USA.

About the Role

With the growth of our company and Thrive Suite’s product offerings, we’re looking to expand our marketing team to create more content and launch more frequent marketing campaigns.

As our team’s official Marketing Nerd, you’ll be key to helping create that content and assisting the head of marketing strategize what content/campaigns need shipping.

To be effective in this role, you need to eat, breathe, and dream creative marketing ideas/experiments/campaigns. We want you generating a constant stream of ideas around how to push our products to their max potential — then showing our leads and customers how those ideas can be used to build and grow their online businesses.

We’re looking to bring you into our team right away and shipping business critical work on day one! So — in addition to your digital marketing talents — the following skills are important for this role:

  • You’re a native-level English speaker & writer

  • You’re experienced at building WordPress websites

  • You’re knowledgable about the tech, WordPress and SaaS marketplaces

  • You’re a kickass content writer

  • You’re a kickass copywriter

  • You’re comfortable on camera making marketing videos

  • You’re a Thrive Suite power user (especially when it comes to using Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads and Thrive Apprentice)

As our Marketing Nerd, not only will you be working with our entire marketing team (content writers, copywriters, video marketers, and video editor), but you’ll also be working directly with the head of marketing to strategize the content and campaigns our team needs to ship to grow the business.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process is pretty simple…

If your application looks promising, we’ll assign you a real-life task to see how you handle it.

If we like what you deliver, you’ll have a 1-on-1 interview with the head of marketing.

From there, the head of marketing will decide whether or not to hire you for a trial period (3 months).

If your performance shines during the trial period — and you’re happy working with us — you’ll become a permanent member of the marketing team, signing a 1-year contract.

What’s in it for you?

  • Salary: we pay an agreed upon monthly salary to you (invoiced at the end of each month)

  • Paid Time Off: 15 days per year (starting 6-months after joining the team) + unpaid leave when you need (with 2 weeks advanced notice).

  • Benefits:

    • Monthly Fitness Stipend: USD $100 per month health & wellness benefit

    • Monthly eBook Stipend: ANY book you want for your e-reader of choice

    • Comped Thrive Themes Products: Thrive Suite Membership + access to ALL our Premium Thrive University Courses (Course Craft, SEO Sprint, Audience from Scratch, Sales Page Blueprint)

    • Online or in-person trainings, courses or conferences: if you can make a compelling business case for how it will grow your skills and benefit the company, we’ll cover the cost of the training/conference for you.

    • We actively encourage you to have an online side-hustle (that uses the Thrive Suite WordPress tools of course) so you can market for us from the perspective of our target customers.

  • Company retreat: Pre-covid, our marketing team met up once a year for a 1-2 week, in-person work retreat. Previous retreats were in locals such as the Azores, Cyprus, Thailand, Bali, Romania, etc. With Covid restrictions waning, we hope to revive our marketing team retreats soon.

Come work with us!

Think you’re the Digital Marketing Nerd the Thrive Themes marketing team is looking for? Apply today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When would you like the new hire to start?
As soon as possible.
What’s the hiring process after the application is filled out? E.G. interviews with team members and a test project?
If we're interested in your initial application, we'll offer you a real-life test assignment. If we like what we see, you'll have a 1-on-1 meeting with head of marketing. If that goes well, you'll get offered a 3-month trial contract. If you're still a fit after all of that, you'll join the team as a full team member with a yearly contract.
What are some perks and benefits of the job?
Flexible hours, location independence, USD $100 per month health & wellness benefit, ANY book you want to read stipend, team retreats, 15 days per year paid holiday (after working 6 months with the company), ALL Thrive Themes products comped (Thrive Suite membership + our Premium Courses), work autonomy (we don't micromanage our team members).
Is this a contractor (1099) or employee (W2) position?
This is a contractor position.
Is there a trial or test period? About how long?
If we decide to hire you, we usually start with a 3-month trial period to make sure we're both happy with each other. If the 3-month trial period goes well, we then offer employment on a yearly contract basis.
Do I need to be proficient with WordPress and the Thrive Suite tools (primarily Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads and Thrive Apprentice)?
Ideally yes. But if your marketing, writing and video skills are so kickass we can't live without you, we'll get you trained up on the tech fast.
Are there set hours I need to be working during the day?
Work hours are flexible, but we expect you to work the productivity equivalent of 40 hours per week, and must be available at least half the day during European business hours.

This job is closed
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