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Our team focuses on making placements. We are actively working with candidates and companies to help them find the right fit. We are doing our best to help remote, boostrapped teams grow by connecting them with remote professionals. Below are some of the experiences of companies and candidates we’ve helped match.

Probatech Ltd

I'm really happy with my experience of hiring on Dynamite Jobs. Within a very short time, I received a ton of applicants - much more than I was expecting - and I was able to find some really talented candidates. In the end, the hardest part was choosing who to hire! One of the things I like most about Dynamite Jobs is the diversity of the talent it can bring in. I had access to a pool of exceptional people, with varied professional backgrounds, from all over the world.

Eyram Hired Remote Workers on Dynamite Jobs!
Eyram Adjogatse
Founder of Probatech Ltd

Dynamite Jobs is an amazing place to find great career opportunities. I can say that I am very grateful and happy with this platform because it really sped up my job search. I actually have a full-time job, but I wanted to explore and have a chance to find something that really matches my "dream job" because in my current location there is not a lot of pharmaceutical and biotech research and project development as a consultant. I started looking for remote roles until I discovered Dynamite Jobs and in my first search, I found a good opportunity, I applied by sending everything they asked for, and it didn't take me long to receive a response, everything was really fast, I had an incredible experience. They make the application process easy, and I am very happy that I was able to secure a job through the platform.

Becky got a Remote Internship on Dynamite Jobs!
Becky Hernandez
Data Analyst Intern at Probatech Ltd

Investors Club

We've used Dynamite Jobs for quite a few hiring rounds now, and it's great to see the pool of candidates that have been coming through. As a fully remote and fast-growing company, it was important that we could find talent across the globe who were suited to our requirements, culture, etc, while also being able to sift through each candidate seamlessly. I highly recommend DJ if you need to hire the RIGHT talent, and hire QUICKLY!

Chaz Nahas hires talent on Dynamite Jobs
Chaz Nahas
Director of Marketing

Dynamite Jobs really accelerated my job search. My current location doesn't offer many content writing or marketing opportunities. I started looking for remote roles but found it difficult to find any on traditional job boards. When I stumbled across Dynamite Jobs, a site that's 100% dedicated to remote working, I knew I was on to something. The whole interface is really sleek and makes job searching less stressful - I especially loved the feature to filter job listings by time zone. They make the application process easy and I'm so happy to have been able to secure a job through the platform.

Hannah Beazley got a remote job on Dynamite Jobs!
Hannah Beazley
Marketing Intern

My Consulting Offer

The Dynamite Jobs team prepared my job description for their site and was able to work with my hiring process. The job received applications from some of the of the best talent they had in their database. The Dynamite Jobs team gathered the applications and did the pre-screening that saved me a lot of time. I ended up hiring the candidate they recommended. The DJ team knows my company and continues to send me recommendations on who might be a good fit.

Davis Nguyen hires talent on Dynamite Jobs
Davis Nguyen

As I made the transition to a remote career, I was overwhelmed by the multitude of job posting sites I had to choose from. By coincidence, I found Dynamite Jobs and was immediately impressed with the opportunities available on their site as well as how everything was organized. I took a questionnaire indicating my job preferences, and was sent personalized emails including opportunities that fit my background. Through this process, I ended up landing a job with an amazing online company where I am now - thanks to Dynamite Jobs! I've already recommended this platform to friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Siobhan McCarroll got a remote job on Dynamite Jobs!
Siobhan McCarroll
Project Manager & Digital Marketer

Connex Digital

I would say that Dynamite jobs is the first job hunting platform where it gave me an extensive list of choices for remote work. For someone like me who stays in Dubai to be able to land a job in the US so quick is pretty impressive. It's super easy to filter out what I want, to create my profile and to navigate. I've already recommended it to few of my friends!

Jhealyn Samson got a remote job on Dynamite Jobs
Jhealyn Samson
Fullstack Developer

Dynamite Jobs helped put my information front and center for potential employers. Their site allows you to quickly get your profile up so that you can begin finding a job immediately! As a developer, it was a nice change of pace to contact a company directly, rather than some outside recruiting operation.

Robert Biehn got a remote job on Dynamite Jobs
Robert Biehn
Fullstack Developer


Recruiting through Dynamite Jobs was easy and fun (yes, really!). Not only was the quality of the candidates extremely high, but their team kept in contact with us throughout the entire process to make sure things ran smoothly. They genuinely seem to care about finding the right people for the right jobs, and we couldn't be happier with the hire we made through the site this year.

Steven Vickers hires talent on Dynamite Jobs
Steven Vickers
Co-founder of Cloudberries

Many thanks to Dynamite Jobs for helping me find the perfect remote internship! I actually only discovered their website when I was searching for remote jobs on the internet, but I'm really glad I found them. Without them, I wouldn't have been contacted by two companies who were interested in my application. I highly recommend them for people like me (newbies!) who are looking for remote work, even just for the short term. The opportunities they offer are diverse and always high-quality, each with comprehensive descriptions on the hiring company and the job qualifications. If you're looking for a reliable job search website, this is it. (I've even recommended them to some of my friends already!)

Marianne Sasing got a remote job on Dynamite Jobs
Marianne Sasing
Business Development Intern for Cloudberries


Dynamite Jobs has become the go to resource for project managers, marketers and operations managers. Between all of my businesses, we've hired more than 15 people from Dynamite Jobs all with great success. Highly recommend DJ! Our businesses would not be where they are today without the great talent we've been able to find thanks to Dynamite Jobs.

Nate Ginsberg hires talent on Dynamite Jobs
Nate Ginsberg

My dream of getting a remote job has been realized thanks to the great help of Dynamite Jobs. Alexander has been very proactive and effective by matching me with a remote job position and company that perfectly matches my profile and personal interests. Within just a couple days after talking to Alex, I landed my dream remote job. I can truly suggest their services to everyone that wants to pursue a remote career. Their network of remote companies is great and so are their services!

Menno Gottmer got a remote job on Dynamite Jobs
Menno Gottmer
Marketing Manager

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