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Logistics Coordinator

  •    Role: Logistics Coordinator (fully remote!)

  •    $1,000-2,500 per month

  •    GREAT English is required

  •    Full-time role, and looking for a long-term hire

  •    Working hours between 9am-6pm EST (New York time) preferred

Who You Are:

  • You have INCREDIBLE attention to detail. (Your family and friends probably know you for being meticulous and observant)

  • You are extremely reliable, and do not let your team down.

  • You get satisfaction from following established processes and completing tasks.

  • You’re able to work quickly to meet deadlines, respond to questions, and turn around tasks within hours.

  • You’re comfortable spending a lot of time reviewing documents for accuracy and will catch mistakes as you go.

  • You have great English, both verbal and written.

  • You are a self-starter, and are comfortable working alone to complete your work independently.

  • You are proactive about asking questions and bringing up issues if they arise.

The Opportunity:

We’re looking for a rockstar team member to join our Logistics team. You will be responding real-time to questions, using email extensively, tracking projects in, and will need to be extremely detail-oriented! Expect to work with team members and vendors all over the world. Great candidates can expect to advance quickly in the organization! 

Who We Are:

Balance, Inc. has been producing Best-in-Class packaging for fragrance and beauty brand leaders for over 20 years. Our corporate offices are in Connecticut, USA, and we work with customers and partners around the globe. We love when our team members succeed! With great performance, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your career and take on more senior roles over time. Here is our website to learn more:

What You’ll Do:

(You will be trained, and do not need to know how to do these tasks coming in)

  • Reviewing, editing, and approving shipping documents.

  • Creating and sending label templates for master cartons to printer. Reviewing, and approving label PDFs.

  • Track FedEx shipments. Call FedEx about delayed packages and provide any requested documentation.

  • Create freight bookings in client portals and communicate the information to factories.

  • Create freight quote specifications for air or sea shipments as requested by clients. Send specifications to the Balance-assigned forwarder and prepare quote for manager’s review.

  • Keep the Open Order Report on updated with changes.

Must-haves in a Candidate:

  •    You MUST have very strong WiFi and a quiet place to make calls

  •    Perfect English speaking & written communication is a must

  •    Attention to detail is the BIGGEST factor for succeeding in this role. You won’t be happy if you are not someone who loves to get into the details!

  •    Proficient in applications: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Acrobat

  •    This is a long-term position. Please only apply if you’re looking to join a company long-term.

  •    You must be VERY reliable. Showing up on time is very important, since the team is dependent on you!

  •    Critical thinking, data analysis, problem-solving abilities, business communication skills (verbal and written) are required.

  •    You must have the ability to think on your feet/make decisions yourself. Ability to prioritize and accomplish multiple tasks at once is very important.

  •    If needed, you are willing to work until the job is done, and not just until the end of your work day

Nice-to-haves in a Candidate:

  • International logistics experience is not required, but is a plus

  • experience is helpful, but not required

If this sounds like you, please do the following to be considered for this role:

Please click Apply below and include this statement at the beginning of your application: “My favorite movie is ______" (fill out with your favorite movie of course!). If you do not do this, we will not consider your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a contractor (1099) or employee (W2) position?
This is a contractor (1099) position.
Is there a trial or test period? About how long?
You would start with a 3-month trial period to ensure we are a good fit, but the intention is that you would come on full-time. If you're a great fit, you enjoy the role, and we enjoy having you on the team, you will absolutely be joining long term after the 3-month trial period.
Are there set hours I need to be working during the day?
Yes, you will work roughly 9am to 9pm EST (New York time) from Monday to Friday. It would not be exact hours; you'll be expected to occasionally stay on late if needed to ensure everything gets done!

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Management and Operations jobs