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Legendary Leadgen is hiring remotely

Legendary Leadgen 8 months ago

Account Strategist – Outbound Leadgen

Anywhere (100% Remote) · Part Time




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Now Hiring: Remote Account Strategist


We are currently seeking to hire an account strategist for our outbound lead generation campaigns we run for our clients. The large majority of our campaigns take place on LinkedIn. Experience with outbound B2B leadgen campaigns on either LinkedIn or cold email will be highly advantageous for this position.

The right person for this position will ideally have some experience in B2B marketing and is looking to grow and improve their skills. The position will start as part-time and move to a full-time role for the right, motivated person. It will also be possible to remain part-time if preferred. The work will be fully remote and while you’ll be fully able to make your own schedule, you will need to meet deadlines and be available during US mornings for a couple of hours each work day (Monday – Friday) for team calls.

Your main responsibilities will be creating and refining the campaign strategy we are using for each of our client’s campaigns. This means writing campaign templates to send to our clients for review, creating strategies for finding the right people and identifying the types of targets who will be receptive to our campaigns.

You will NOT be required to create repetitive lead lists or similar work. You’ll not even be asked to create SOPs for how we find these leads. For example, if you were tasked with creating a strategy for finding 1,000 contacts in a certain industry, you’d only need to figure out a way we can locate these people, and record a video of yourself going over the high level steps. Our operations manager will then create the SOP and get the research team started on actually finding these contacts.

Salary will be based upon experience.

About Us/Who We Are

Link to the company site: www.legendaryleadgen.com

We help B2B companies generate warm leads in their target market using outbound strategies.

The majority of our clients are currently digital marketing agencies, but we want to pivot to be working with more B2B service companies. Marketing agencies are a B2B service company, but we want to be focused on more professional services with higher margins rather than companies selling marketing services

We currently have myself, my operations manager, a copywriter and 2 VAs for a total of 5. The operations manager and copywriter are located in Eastern Europe and the 2 VA’s in the Philippines

We are a fully remote team, who is results-focused. We don’t track hours or try to micro-manage our team. The most important thing is our clients are getting results on time.

Our team is mostly working from the very early morning to late afternoon, east coast time, however most of the team is in Europe or Asia meaning they aren’t working terribly early for their time zone. For this position we would need someone who could join a daily team call during US mornings, but for the most part your schedule would be yours to set.

I feel we have a good focus on effective communication without too much overlap in who everyone needs to report to. My operations manager is one of the most organized people i’ve ever worked with – and he really helps to keep people working well together.

I had someone handling this position plus a few others (client communication/check-in calls etc) in a full time role. He left our company very amicably in order to work with a local company where he lives. Everything was fine in his role, but he he recently had a child and wanted to buy a house – he needed to be working for a local company to be able to get a mortgage on a house. He actually took a pay cut to do so. He’d be willing to act as a “reference” for anyone interested in working with us.

I started this company over 5 years ago after realizing that the average agency was great at sering their customers but awful at finding customers for themselves, and relied way too much on referrals, so we set out to create a service to help agencies be able to outsource the difficult lead generation side of things, so they could focus on sales and servicing their clients.

Currently we see the outbound leadgen landscape changing rapidly, and want to be continuously testing and optimizing new strategies to stay ahead of the curve for our clients.

Legendary Leadgen is hiring remotelyLegendary Leadgen is hiring remotely


About the Role

You will replace the previous project manager who left the company amicably.

It’s the core of our client’s success working with us.

You will work with both myself and our operations manager. Initial training will be primarily with me, and will switch over to primarily being assigned areas of focus by my operations manager, and the 3 of us collaborating together

Any past experience with outbound leadgen will be extremely helpful, but we will be providing training on how to be successful in this role, and how to cause success for our clients as well. The training will be important because it will be the backbone of work with our company.

You will be responsible for creating the high-level strategy for our client campaigns, for our team and VAs to execute upon.

There will be a training period of approximately one month where we will be working mostly together. After that you’ll be expected to work more independently.

The position will start out part-time. It may turn into a full-time position for the right candidate who both wants it and is excelling in their role. We are also open to having two part time account strategists if that turns out to be the best long term solution for all parties involved.

English is the language of our company. We don’t need a native speaker for this role, but any candidate should be comfortable speaking at a near-native level.

Must be available daily for a team call east coast mornings. Beyond that no location requirements, except we can’t really except applicants living in the US due to ETBUS status.

What does a typical day look like?

The new Account Strategist check into all current client campaigns to see which ones need attention (are underperforming in terms of leads generated). Then doing research on what part of the campaign’s strategy will need to be updated in order to hopefully increase the campaign’s performance. Then forwarding the suggestions on to our team for implementation.

What will they be working on?

Outbound B2B leadgen campaigns.

What projects will they be working on?

Ideally the person we hire will be able to assist us in actively improving, optimizing and testing new leadgen strategies for our clients. Generally once we get our campaigns optimized, there isn’t a ton to do on an individual campaign basis each day – leaving lots of time for researching ideas for innovation.

Any big company initiatives they’ll be assisting in?

Once they get accustomed to the work it would be great to have help with researching, identifying and testing new leadgen strategies.

What will the role become or turn into?

There is definitely the potential for this to turn into a general manager position for the right position – a full time manager, handling client communication and managing people below them performing this very role once they progress beyond it.

What are the biggest growth opportunities that you see for someone in the role?

Biggest possible growth opportunity would be to general manager – it is very real possibility for anyone applying for this role, though I’m not necessarily looking to promote this person that linearly, it would need to make complete sense for both parties. The new hire will have the opportunity of being promoted as full-time General Manager.

Who You Are

B2B marketing skills. You don’t need to be a B2B marketing genius, but you should understand B2B marketing to a level that I’m not having to explain basic marketing best practices during our training together. Experience in outbound leadgen is excellent – but in reality as long as you are proficient with using a computer and the internet you’ll be fine.

Nice to have

  • Copywriting
  • Outreach experience

Most important skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Highly motivated
  • Willing to learn and more importantly learn from mistakes
  • Sales/marketing-minded

Tools we use

Slack for communication, Google docs for collaboration. For our campaigns we obviously use LinkedIn, particularly LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We also utilize other databases and research tools to locate new companies/contacts to reach out to.

What’s in it for you?

  • $1,000-2,000/month depending on experience
  • Budget for learning/personal development
  • Definite growth potential to move up within the company as high as general manager (would be directly beneath me as the founder in terms of position), for interested and motivated candidates

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