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Operations Director for Startup Accelerator + Venture Firm

TinySeed is a venture fund and accelerator focused on funding early-stage SaaS founders who don’t want to raise traditional venture capital. We run year-long, remote accelerator programs in addition to running a syndicate that invests in later-stage SaaS companies.

As we’ve had significant growth of our programs and portfolio, we’re hiring an Operations Director for our small, tight-knit team. This is a full-time, remote position with occasional in-person company retreats.

What You’ll Be Doing as Operations Director

We’re looking for someone passionate about managing the internal operations of a venture firm and accelerator.

Note: this is not a role that will make investment decisions.

You’ll be a critical member of our team and report to our general partner focused on investor relations. Some of your duties will include:

  • Investor relations: Capital call coordination and follow-ups, investor onboarding, and reporting through Carta. General investor support for current and potential investors.

  • Investor marketing: Assist our partner in maintaining/improving investor databases and planning/updating regular investor marketing campaigns. 

  • Due diligence and investment support: Work with our legal counsel to manage the due diligence process for startups joining our accelerator or investment via our syndicate.

  • Portfolio company tracking and reporting: Gather and update metrics from portfolio companies in our internal dashboard. Reporting on syndicate investments.

  • Compliance and Tax Coordination: Work with our outsourced service providers to ensure timely and accurate tax and compliance filings.

  • HR & Team operations: Maintain budgets and work with our outsourced bookkeepers and tax accountants, handle insurance and HR/payroll, and other internal team operations support activities as required.

An Overview of Your First 90 Days

Here are some of the things you may encounter in the first three months working at TinySeed:

  • Catch up with the TinySeed team on weekly calls.

  • Review our investor lists and start helping with updates.

  • Get onboarded to the systems we use (for investor management, HR, payroll, etc.) and get to know the current processes.

  • Manage your first capital call process

  • Manage your first due diligence process

  • Read through our current documented processes and brainstorm what else we could/should add to help the company run more smoothly. 


We’re a small team wearing many hats. The ideal person for this role will have a strong interest in working in the startup and venture capital space, a great eye for detail, and a passion for setting up repeatable systems and processes. 

  • Relevant fund experience is ideal, but not required. You should have a strong interest in the behind-the-scenes processes involved in running a venture capital firm, such as managing finances, due diligence, investor relations, compliance, and other internal operations.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills with a teamwork mindset.

  • Ability to work independently.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we’d love to have a conversation!

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Management and Operations jobs

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