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Head of Talent

Morning Brew is a media company that covers the business news and narratives shaping our world. The companies, the people, the workplace, the economy — we nerd out on this stuff, and we’re dedicated to helping our audience navigate it all in a way that informs and entertains.

The Morning Brew team is clever, creative, and growing fast. Want in? Read on.

The Head of Talent will oversee the Brew’s identification, recruitment and management of digital content creators. 

They will directly manage the Brew’s current creators as well as a team of producers who focus on talent identification and recruitment. The Head of Talent will collaborate with growth, sales, multimedia production and PR to develop and expand each creator’s content offerings, formats and brand.

The ideal candidate has a deep well of expertise around all facets of talent management, recruitment and digital platforms. They have worked with a range of creators who have built unique, sizable and engaged audiences with material aligned to the Brew’s content areas. 

The role is best suited for an energetic self-starter with a bias to action. It’s right for someone who’s a natural collaborator and can comfortably work with a wide array of stakeholders across content, growth, and sales teams to create experiences with purpose.  

The Head of Talent will report to the Chief Content Officer.

The day-to-day

- Establish deep relationships with current Morning Brew full-time and part-time creators to further develop their content interests and visibility within the company and externally to grow their online presence

- Work closely with Chief Content Officer and Head of Multimedia to identify new content opportunities

- Turn Morning Brew into a “creator hub” - a place creators seek out to join as they build their brands and careers

- Establish and execute an outreach strategy to significantly increase the number of Morning Brew creators 

- Collaborate with sales to identify new revenue opportunities based off of creators’ interests and expertise

- Manage a team of talent development producers


- 15+ years of experience working in talent management and/or creator partnerships

- Deep knowledge of digital platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch), multimedia formats (video, audio, live/interactive)  and social media content

What else are we looking for?

Character and integrity rank pretty high on the list. Our team is guided by our core values:

How We Treat Each Other:

Respectful Candor  -- We believe that engaging in timely, constructive, and open discourse is an act of respect that makes for a more transparent and productive work environment.

Empathy -- We establish a strong partnership of trust with our co-workers and partners. We build human connections in order to understand each other.

Inclusivity -- We strive to celebrate and welcome people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Differing perspectives help us make better decisions and have more fulfilling experiences.

How We Treat Our Work: 

Curiosity -- We learn every day through deliberate inquiry and exploration. We re-examine assumptions to be a better company, offer better products, and become better colleagues.

Accountability -- We celebrate our successes and own our failures. Taking responsibility for our actions allows us to learn from our experiences.

Bias Toward Action -- We know speed matters in business so we embrace quick and calculated risk-taking. We understand that many actions are reversible and therefore we are solutions-oriented, even when facing obstacles and challenges.

Challenger Mentality -- We don’t allow ourselves to be comfortable with our success. We are hungry to become the best and create more value for our audience.

Clarity of Purpose -- We understand the “why” in our work, which helps us to operate at our highest level of performance and efficiency.



While being surrounded by a bunch of cool people who look great in crewnecks is its own reward, we have plenty more to offer.


Unlimited sick and vacation time: And by “unlimited,” we mean absolutely unlimited.

U.S Remote-work friendly: Work from home, work from the office, work from the moon — you decide.

401(k) employer match: We want to help you prepare for the future, now. 

Premium healthcare plans: Your health matters!

Family planning: Want to join #brewparents? Generous paid parental leave and fertility coverage for eligible employees.

Employee resource groups: Black Coffee, LGBTQ Brew, AAPI Brew, Cafe Con Leche, and Grounded... plus more!

Annual learning credit: Want to learn something new? We'll reimburse you.


Morning Brew is committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that’s representative of our audience.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote HR / Recruiter jobs

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