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Growth Marketing Acquisition Manager

About Trafilea

Trafilea is a global company that builds communities and transformative brands. We own the brands and take care of the entire customer journey, to deliver wow-worthy experiences that influence and empower millions of people globally.

Our culture is fast-paced and dynamic. We are data-driven enthusiasts, passionate about marketing, exponential technologies, and innovation.

We have over 300 hundred employees working around the world, connected by the same purpose and core values. Our support for this new way of working has led to being featured in Forbes and FlexJobs as one of the Top 25 Companies for Remote Workers.

We are looking for dynamic, dedicated, and committed individuals with a strong desire to grow, that can drive the brand forward on its truly exciting journey.

Do you want to know more about our Brands? Shapermint, Truekind & Empetua.

We are looking for an ambitious, data-driven and dynamic Growth Marketing Manager to develop the Strategy and Lead the Tactics to take the owned products to accomplish the defined targets for Customer Acquisition, Revenue, Profit, and YoY Growth. Data Driven Approach for an Effective analysis of trends, and most importantly, strategize based on the information we get.

You will be responsible for the management of the entire Pod and the people within it, including all the daily and weekly routines, planning, prioritization

Expected outcomes & responsibilities

  • Quarterly and Monthly Planning and OKRs Definition considering Business Decisions and Opportunities.

  • Lead Pod’s Strategy and Tactics for achieving defined targets and maximize the results for each of the products under management

  • Monthly Pod planning for ROAS and Spend Targets, products share, and anticipating 45 Days video production and Footage Need (models, angles, style).

  • Work in coordination with the copywriter to define and implement customized communication for each of the Special Dates, considering product details and opportunities according to the theme, season, social circumstances.

  • Lead Pod’s Daily and Weekly Routines to ensure team alignment and proper tactics execution based on 20/80 priorities, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Weekly review of team’s planning, adjusting priorities and redefining outcomes based on a proper time estimation, effort estimation and workload management.

  • Team Building and development. Proactive involvement of new talented sourcing and hiring processes. Feedback sessions with improvements plan for direct reports, and definition of key trainings and courses for key areas of development.

Job requirements

  • At least 4 years of experience in online marketing activities. E-commerce, affiliate, high- performance agency (or in-house) work

  • Great skills for data analysis and the capability to apply it effectively to real situations

  • Problem solving skills. Ability to look at every problem with fresh eyes and digging deep for insights and solutions

  • Capacity to analyze complex business/marketing attribution models for sophisticated acquisition strategies

  • Passion for learning about marketing, psychology, sales, and copywriting

  • Understanding and working knowledge of marketing funnels, remarketing strategies and customer journey

  • Ability to understand the big picture to proficiently anticipate challenges and identify potential opportunities for the business

  • Current knowledge of digital project management systems and tools (Asana, G Suite, Slack, etc.)

  • Proven ability to effectively lead and manage and multiple projects simultaneously; including multi-disciplinary team, budgets and schedule information.

  • Strong structured thinking skills as well as a proactive attitude

  • Proven ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, make best use of limited resources

  • Experience working with both creative and analytics teams.

  • Fluency in English.

What We Have to Offer

  • Proximity doesn’t influence productivity. As a globally distributed team, you can live and work wherever you want.

  • A rich experience including the opportunity to collaborate with world-class talents. Encouraging transparency and open communication to all.

  • A data-driven, dynamic, energetic work environment, full of talented, goal-oriented, and empathetic people working together to grow and develop both as professionals and human beings.

  • A safe space to be who you truly are. We embrace and support diversity, equity and work hard every day to keep becoming more inclusive.

  • Openness to new ideas and initiatives: You can always join a squad, tribe, or committee, start new ones. Bring your hobbies and passions and transform them into projects!

For more benefits please visit our Trafilea web Site.

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This job is closed
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