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Content Copywriter Working Student

As a Content Copywriter Working Student, you’ll be responsible for sharing the value of 8returns to the market through our customer stories. You will write about the impact the product has had on our customers, and how online shopping can be more effective through a good returns process.

If you love to work remotely, have flexible hours, write inspiring stories and love how tech products can lead us to a greener world, this role is for you.

Here is what you will do:

  • Dive deep to understand our persona‘s needs and pain points

  • Understand our product‘s customer experience, the issues we tackle, and what is the vision for the next years

  • Support the creation of our tone of voice/brand voice, content standards, processes, and content strategy do‘s and dont‘s across all channels

  • Support the content strategy and SEO planning

  • Monitor our SEO strategy by conducting keyword research and updating older blog posts (we don‘t expect you to know it all, we are here to help you learn!)

  • Write, edit, review, and proofread texts, posts, and marketing materials in German and English, making sure the value we offer clients is clear and straightforward

  • Keep track of the content backlog, making sure the content strategy is being executed

  • Analyze your results to iterate and improve texts, posts, and marketing materials

And what you will bring:

More than a specific set of skills, we're looking for a junior colleague that is willing to learn by doing. We are looking for someone..

  • Native in German and that has an advanced level in English

  • Studying business, marketing, communications, literature, or related field

  • Passionate about entrepreneurism, technology, marketing, and also about writing, even if it is for college essays or a personal hobby. It is okay if you still didn‘t have an editorial work experience

  • With extraordinary written communication skills and flawless grammar

  • Eager to grow and improve their skills through feedback. Moreover, proactive, that asks questions and shares with colleagues ideas and results

  • That would like to learn more about SEO and Content Marketing

Why you might be excited about us

  • We're working to solve a massive global problem - 10 billion pounds of returns end up in landfills every year, for retailers, it’s a trillion-dollar problem.

  • We're small, so you'll be able to contribute efficiently and without bureaucracy. You'll quickly have responsibility for big areas of our product. You'll also help build our company's culture.

  • We don't have a ton of meetings. If we can effectively solve a problem asynchronously, we do. When we do meet synchronously, you'll always have the opportunity to contribute.

  • You'll be able to work remotely and set your schedule. We don't micro-manage and will help you do great work.

  • We will mould your role to shape a career you're excited about. We care a ton about your satisfaction and job happiness and will help prep you for whatever you're looking for in the future.

  • We work hard and also highly value balanced work/life. We care about family and your personal development and don't expect you to be always engaged with work.

Why you might not be excited about us

We're small (~10 people in the company now), so if you like more established companies, it's not (yet) the right time. Since we're an early-stage startup, projects and priorities may shift.

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