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Remote - Senior Typescript Backend Developer

We are looking for ONE full-time Backend Engineer with experience with Typescript.

YOU MUST have these skills:

- Must be a self-starter. (You Manage Your Time)

- Perfect text communication skills.

- Extreme attention to detail.

What will you do? (You'll be a key player in a small team, shaping how we grow our product and our tech culture.):

- Develop and maintain backend services using TypeScript.

- Build APIs and manage the platform's infrastructure.

- Create and oversee database schemas, ensuring security and data integrity.

- Be hands-on in both architectural design and coding.

- Set a standard for best practices in tooling, documentation, and engineering processes.

- Work in a test-driven environment, performing code reviews and ensuring code is reliable and maintainable.

- Work closely with the lead engineer and founder to strategize and execute on an ambitious roadmap.

Required Experience:

- Proficiency in Node.js and TypeScript.

- Experience working with both relational and non-relational databases.

- Experience leading projects and delivering high-quality software in an agile environment.

- Experience working in large, web-scale web backends.

Knowledge of Tech Stack:

- Supabase/Edge Functions

- Postgres

- Node.js/TypeScript

- Redis

- Digital Ocean

This is NOT some outsourced job. This is a career where you can grow with us. We're looking for someone who can not only execute but also contribute ideas that will move us forward.

Compensation: Project-based, or equity-based discussion.

Please let us know of any previous experience you've had with software or any other job that you feel will contribute to your success as an engineer.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Developer / Engineer jobs