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Event Manager

The Basics

We are looking for an Event Manager  (m/f/d; fully remote)

Giant Swarm is a highly valued and respected player in the rapidly growing cloud space. Our vision is to empower developers around the world to ship great products by simplifying and accelerating app development and operations on top of a powerful cloud native platform. Giant Swarm’s clusters enable shopping sportswear online, getting receipts at major supermarkets, and trading crypto. By offering a high-end service, customers are extremely happy and use us across more and more projects within their companies, fuelling our organic growth. We are a diverse, fully remote (since 2014), and experienced team that is rapidly growing across Europe and headquartered in Cologne. 

You will perform a range of events putting together organisational, project management, and creative skills to test, being in love with the ups and the downs and the adrenaline rushes of this job!  

Your Job

  • Each day will be an adventure as you will assist with online and offline marketing events, monitor timeframes and budgets, book venues, coordinate social media outreach campaigns, and deliver on event brief objectives.

  • You will create conversations through brainstorming and planning high-impact webinars, conferences, and implement event plans, as well as concepts.

  • You will create connections, it is something you are fond of, whether it’s between attendees or personal life, you will ensure efficient sign-up, booking, and participation at events.

  • You will bring value in negotiating with vendors and handling logistics.

  • You will get the creative juices going being in charge of communication, business strategy, and brand personality. 

  • You will make sure your work doesn’t go to waste developing continuous feedback surveys, checklists, procedures, and best practices.

Why is this position worth applying to?

Would you say planning memorable events and bringing them to life in the best possible ways are a cornerstone of your past success? Are you an enthusiastic person with fresh ideas, energy, and the mixed skills above? Are you motivated enough  not to leave anything about an event to chance? If you answered yes to these questions, this might be the perfect opportunity for you! 


  • You are proactive with a can-do attitude, you are always at the tip of your toes.

  • You are a problem-solving maestro, you are basically able to solve every problem that might arise.

  • You have Marie Kondo- level organisational skills, you are a go-to resource, and multitasking is something you enjoy.

  • You are an expert communicator, and you are a social butterfly as you will need to talk to literally everyone within and outside the company.

  • Project management is in your blood.

  • You are proficient in various event software, and you are comfortable with tech stuff.

  • You have previous experience working with CRMs, Hubspot, and sales tools.

  • You’re fluent in English and German, both orally and in writing.

  • You will grow and develop the event experience further toward highly professional execution.

  • You love Marketing Communications and everything that comes with it.

About us

Every new team member changes the team. We love to learn from each other and we are looking for people who know things we don’t. 

  • Becoming part of Giant Swarm means that, by extension, you also become part of the Cloud Native community. We actively contribute to upstream projects and our quarterly hackathons will give you space to work on out-of-the-box projects. Occasionally, when we, as a team, want to fully focus on one project, we scratch all meetings and routines for a certain time to better focus during our hive-sprints.

  • Continuous learning is important to us - we foster this through bi-yearly personal development talks, a budget for training/certifications/coaching as well as regular feedback talks and workshops. Our teams are cross- functional and collaboration is key. 

  • Nothing crazy, but useful Basics: We don't count holidays but set a minimum number; You choose your own hard- and software; As a company that has almost, if not more, kids than employees, family-friendliness is crucial to us and paid parental leave is a no-brainer; We pay monthly perks that cover your costs for working remotely; We meet twice a year as an entire company and (if possible) see conferences as an important place to catch up with team members; We aim to be fully transparent (finance, salaries) unless it hurts people and trust you, based on this to make the best decisions

We failed in exactly describing our way to approach important company elements that can be described with ‘buzzwords’ such as agile mindset, cross-functional teams, self-organization, value of the individual or trust & teamwork. However, we truly care about them, we live them and we constantly iterate on them. Some snippets about how we do this are posted in our blog but by far not all of them. 

Important note: We are not hiring job descriptions. We hire humans. :) We welcome applications from everybody, regardless ethnic or national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Marketing jobs

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