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Head of Product Design

At Linear, we are on a mission to bring magic back to software. To empower product teams to do their best work, we are building an issue tracking and project management tool that combines UI elegance with world-class performance. Founded in 2019, Linear has become the platform of choice for thousands of high-impact companies to build their products better.

Linear was set up as a fully remote company from the start. Today, our small but mighty team is distributed across North America and Europe. What unites us is relentless focus, fast execution, and our passion for software craftsmanship. We are all makers at heart and care deeply about the quality of our work.

At its core, Linear is a developer tool where speed, interactions, and small details matter. We care deeply about design. For us, it’s both how it works and how it looks. We are designing it to be highly functional yet minimalistic and delightful. We expect a broad set of design skills and the ability to create high-quality designs, interactions, and prototypes. As the Head of Design, you'll join a team of designers building early processes that continue to advocate our attention to detail and design-centric approach.

Please note: We are an equal-opportunity employer and remote-only company. At this time, we can only support hiring within North America for this role.


  • Several years of experience leading and managing high-caliber design teams

  • Experience designing interactive applications

  • Excellent visual, UI, and interaction skills

What you'll do

  • Contribute to the overall product and design direction of the whole company

  • Come up with features and improvements that ship quickly and with high quality

  • Create flows, prototypes, and high-fidelity visuals for your features

  • Work closely with engineers and other partners to ensure a high-quality implementation

  • Help with hiring and establishing a design culture within the company

  • Redefining best-in-class software design and development processes so that we can build an opinionated product

What we value

  • Passion for design and figuring out best-in-class solutions to UX, UI, and interaction challenges

  • Effective written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to think through complex interaction design

  • Expressing ideas through visuals and prototyping (Linear uses Figma)

  • Experience with design systems, programming, and using technical tools like (Git, VSCode, Origami, FramerX).

What we offer

  • Interesting and challenging work

  • Work-life balance

  • Competitive salary and equity

  • Employee-friendly equity terms (early exercise, extended exercise)

  • Paid lunch and coffee during workdays

  • Work remotely, no commuting to the office

  • Paid co-working space/desk at an office

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance (US)

  • Regular team events and off-sites

  • 5 weeks of paid vacation

  • 4 months of paid parental leave

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This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Product jobs