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Senior Publishing Product Manager


PEN develops proven 1E titles from the Explorer portfolio to ensure that future editions grow into top industry franchise titles and their authors develop into close partners with Packt. PEN therefore aims for every title to achieve LTV of £50k+ and higher so that Packt has the leading industry titles in every category, thus creating a powerful publishing partnership with Explorer. PEN also develops new 1E titles when Packt needs to compete directly against strong competitor titles and support Packt’s overall publishing strategy in an area.

PEN has delivered this by reaching £3.3m FY22 revenue, with extremely high user ratings, and an LTV performance of over £50k/title. This has been achieved by supporting and training talented Packt individuals in a culture of absolutely world-class publishing excellence and book crafting. Senior Publishing Product Managers (SPPMs) are therefore trained and given the resources they need to be successful and create the highest-quality titles in the industry. SPPMs are supported by their own Publishing Squads, who hold some of the best end-to-end editorial skills in the industry, and a strong publishing culture dedicated to their success as CEOs of their own publishing folio.

The PEN SPPM role is thus a combination of three key roles:

  • Folio CEO. SPPMs are respected as mini-CEOs of their own publishing folio. SPPMs are totally accountable for their titles and their Publishing Squad is accountable to them. The SPPM drives hands-on commissioning, development, and marketing of each title they own. This gives SPPMs complete control over the title design, development, and publishing economics. This is a high-status, commercially focused role.

  • Product Manager. SPMMs build their product management skills so they can succeed at the highest levels. SPPMs learn how to create a community around each of their titles, so that they can drive both advocacy and user led insights to craft the strongest possible publications. Through hands-on community work, SPPMs acquire authors, engage customers, and learn from readers and community members. In this way, SPPMs ultimately co-develop their titles with authors and the wisdom and support of entire communities.

  • Commercial Publisher and General Management. The squad model in PEN creates wholly accountable teams that own the P&L of titles and portfolios. All commercial goals are delegated to SPPMs and Squads. We expect SPPMs to act as inhouse entrepreneurs. The management team of PEN exists only to serve and support SPPMs.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Act as the Publisher, Product Manager, and end-to-end CEO of your title folio.

  • Squad leadership: manage a squad of book professionals you hold accountable for results.

  • Relationship management: managing best-selling author relationships.

  • Build strong relationships with industry influencers and experts.

  • Drive hands-on commissioning, development, and marketing of your title successes.

  • Innovate new product approaches to market success of your titles such as newsletters.

  • Marketing: assist your MCs to develop key marketing messages and propositions for your titles

  • Analysis of title performances to drive learning and insights for future improvements.

  • Product management approaches to develop new product features for existing titles.

  • Product innovation to develop new 1st edition title plans based on user-led insights

  • Community partnership and advocacy to support your product successes.

  • Plan, forecast, and oversee your portfolio of titles for each publishing year.

  • Trial innovative marketing strategies to discover new avenues for growth.

  • Build and develop engaged communities around your folio and titles.

  • Regular contact with customers to drive user-led product insights.


SPPM Objectives:

  • Powerful new 1st Editions and 2nd Editions
    SPPMs create both powerful new editions of the most successful Explorer titles, and also create new first edition titles to compete directly with competitor titles. This involves for SPPMs an exciting mix of Product Development skills for new editions, and Product Innovation skills for new editions. The objective across both 1st and 2nd Editions is the same: to create the best and most successful titles that can serve IT professionals across our folio topics.

  • Boost new edition LTV: A key signal of success for new PEN editions is to increase LTV by at least 20% per new edition. This is a CEO-level goal to increase the profitability of each title in your folio. This is also a Product Management goal to develop user-led insight into each product and so boost its performance by delighting customers more with improvements in every new edition.

  • World-class folio success: Build an SPPM folio of titles with an average LTV of £50k, and so reach and can go beyond the performance level of even Packt’s most successful publisher competitors. Create a strong CEO folio performance with consistently winning titles.

  • Bestseller titles in categories: SPPMs identify key topic areas in their portfolio area so they can design and develop bestselling products that reach the top 3 spots in their Amazon categories.

  • Title Unit Economics: As CEOs of their titles and folio each SPPM naturally seeks to improve the profitability of their titles as well as revenue, by controlling cost variables like pricing, page count, advances, royalties, and title marketing investments.

  • Portfolio Management: SPPMs manage a portfolio to publish 10 titles per year, by signing 1 contract per month. As SPPMs learn to master PEN new editions, this can also include one 1st Edition signing per quarter.


You will also have access to a range of flexible benefits that are designed to help you make the most of your time with us:

  • Bonus scheme.

  • Flexible hours.

  • Monday to Friday working

Salary Range- INR 110K- 200K gross per month

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