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Developer Advocate

Spacelift is the most flexible management platform for Infrastructure as Code, helping DevOps teams manage cloud infrastructures simultaneously, providing automation, visibility, and collaboration. It was co-founded in 2020 by long-time DevOps practitioner Marcin Wyszynski and successful entrepreneur Pawel Hytry.

Spacelift is super easy to start with – our customers can go from zero to fully managing their cloud resources within less than a minute, with no prerequisites. It works with any IaC setup and can work as a self-hosted agent on infrastructure, offering maximum security without sacrificing functionality. Our solution is built on top of well-known and well-loved open-source components like Docker and Open Policy Agent, allowing complete customization while maintaining sensible defaults.

Top venture capital firms, including Insight Partners, Blossom Capital, Hoxton Ventures and Inovo Venture Partners back us. Spacelift has raised $22.6M in funding over three rounds.

Spacelift is expanding the Developer Relations team! Reporting to Sean O'deal our Head of Developer Relations, at Spacelift the Developer Relations team sits at the intersections of Spacelift (Product, Engineering, Marketing) and Developers (Customers and Community.)

As a Spacelift Developer Advocate, you will focus on Developer Experience to build developer confidence and elevate their experience. A community mindset is embedded throughout the organization and marketing process to ensure authenticity and effectiveness.

As a member of the Spacelift Developer Relations team, you will participate in the following:

  • Developer Education

  • Developer Success

  • Developer Marketing 

  • Developer Advocates are the voice of the community and the company!

What you’ll do

  • Content Creation: In this role, you’ll spend a significant amount of time creating (written and video) critical pieces of documentation, blog posts, and tutorials about Spacelift, Infrastructure as Code frameworks, version control systems, and Public Cloud providers.

  • Code: Create code samples and demo apps that enable developer users. Extend tutorials developed in specific frameworks to other relevant frameworks.

  • Nurture the Community: Answer questions about Spacelift through various social media platforms, including Reddit, Stack Overflow, Twitter, and relevant community forums.

  • Connect with Customers: Communicate directly to our developer users about their business needs, technical landscapes, and pain points.

  • Influence: Advocate for the needs of our developer community, and bring their feedback back to the product and engineering teams. Developer Advocates participate in community office hours and lead the Customer Advisory Board.

  • Become a product expert: Steep yourself in the experiences that developer users have when building with Spacelift, and champion ease, clarity, and transparency when enabling those developers.

About you  

  • Technically adept and comfortable with one or more Infrastructure as Code frameworks. You understand the technical concepts and can write Infrastructure as Code samples. You’re enthusiastic about learning new technologies.

  • A strong writer and editor. You’re fluent in human languages as well as technical. You can communicate complicated technical concepts elegantly.

  • Display empathy for platform and infrastructure teams, DevOps practitioners, and software developers.

  • Enthusiastic about wearing many hats. This role is highly cross-functional and will involve many different kinds of projects.  

  • Comfortable talking to customers.

  • Knowledgeable about Infrastructure as Code, Public Cloud, and GitOps -- or eager to learn and enable others.

  • Creative, intellectually curious, with good problem-solving skills.

  • Perfect communication and written skills in English. 

  • You are based in a European country (CET +/- 3h).

  • Bonus: You have experience with Tradition IT Automation solutions like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet.

  • Bonus: The ability to speak to software development and application development methodologies. 

What we offer

  • Competitive salary and equity package.

  •  26 days of paid time off annually + local bank holidays.

  •  Flexible working hours and a healthy 40-hour workweek.

  • Awesome monthly allowance to spend on benefits.

  • Company offsites.

  • Work from anywhere in Europe (CET +/- 3h). We are a full-remote company.

  •  Work in an international, diverse, dynamic, and passionate team with a friendly and supportive company culture. 

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