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DevOps Engineer

Sporty's sites are some of the most popular on the internet, consistently staying in Alexa's list of top websites for the countries they operate in

We spend millions per year on our infrastructure in order to support millions of users across more than 20 countries. Our DevOps Engineers play a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of the site, as well as setting up new infrastructure for greenfield projects and geographic expansion. 

Our Stack

Languages: Java / Spring Boot, TypeScript / VueJS

Cloud Libraries: Netflix Eureka, Netflix Ribbon, Feign, Netflix Zuul

Database: MySQL, Oracle, Mybatis, Druid

Cache: Redisson, ElastiCache, Redis

MQ:  Apache RocketMQ

Tasking:  Elastic Job

Server: Netty

LoadBalance & Proxy: Nginx

Virtualization: Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher

Computing & Storage: AWS EC2, VPC, AWS Lambda, EBS, S3

Maintenance: AWS Opsworks, Salt, Chef

CI/CD: Drone, AWS Codepipeline, Jenkins

Monitoring: Grafana, Prometheus, AWS Cloudwatch

Logging: ELK, Rsyslog, Log4j2

CDN: Cloudflare


Work with a team of DevOps and DBA professionals

Improve existing infrastructure and processes in the 6 countries we’re currently deployed in as well as streamlining processes deploy to new countries in the future

Holistically improve all aspects of our DevOps infrastructure including: reducing costs; streamlining environment provisioning; lowering response times and incorporating the latest techniques and technologies

Monitor and maintain the existing cloud infrastructure via autoscaling, automated alerts, and OpsWork and Grafana dashboards

Take ownership and responsibility for our cloud operation activities

Liaise with external security agencies for annual audits as well as perform our own internal security sweeps

Aid in reconfiguring existing architecture to allow for rapid deployments to new countries

Mentoring less experienced team members 


3+ years DevOps experience

Experience independently leading the planning and deployment of a project

Experienced with cloud platforms, especially AWS, including solid knowledge of how to utilise cloud resources to fulfil the demand from other teams and production

A sound understanding of modern Micro Services and Service Mesh concepts

Experience managing Kubernetes, including CI / CD with Kubernetes

Solid networking knowledge, especially the TCP / IP stack and HTTP protocol

A strong understanding of cache, including CDN, HTTP cache, Redis / Memcached

Excellent troubleshooting skills, including Linux OS issue diagnosis and OS parameter optimisation, JVM optimisation would be highly advantageous


Quarterly and flash bonuses

We have core hours of 10am-3pm in a local timezone, but flexible hours outside of this

Top-of-the-line equipment

Referral bonuses

28 days paid annual leave

Annual company retreat - we all went to Thailand & Dubai together in 2023 and we aim to have 2 more trips in 2024!

Highly talented, dependable co-workers in a global, multicultural organisation

Payment via DEEL, a world class online wallet system 

Our teams are small enough for you to be impactful

Our business is globally established and successful, offering stability and security to our Team Members

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an everyday entertainment platform for everyone

Our Operating Principles

1. Create Value for Users

2. Act in the Long-Term Interests of Sporty 

3. Focus on Product Improvements & Innovation 

4. Be Responsible 

5. Preserve Integrity & Honesty 

6. Respect Confidentiality & Privacy 

7. Ensure Stability, Security & Scalability 

8. Work Hard with Passion & Pride

Interview Process

30 min HackerRank Test 

Remote video screening + ID check with our Talent Acquisition Team 

Remote 90 min video interview loop with 3 x Team Members (30 mins each)

ID Check Via Zinc & 2 references from previous employers

24-72 hour feedback loops throughout process

Working at Sporty

The top-down mentality at Sporty is high performance based, meaning we trust you to do your job with an emphasis on support to help you achieve, grow and de-block any issues when they're in your way.

Generally employees can choose their own hours, as long as they are collaborating and doing stand-ups etc. The emphasis is really on results. 

As we are a highly structured and established company we are able to offer the security and support of a global business with the allure of a startup environment. Sporty is independently managed and financed, meaning we don’t have arbitrary shareholder or VC targets to cater to. 

We literally build, spend and make decisions based on the ethos of building THE best platform of its kind. We are truly a tech company to the core and take excellent care of our Team Members.

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