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Senior DevOps Engineer M/F


This role is fully remote, you can be located anywhere in Europe.

Hi there! Thanks for being here and let’s get started.

At Cycloid, We aim to promote efficient infrastructure & software delivery alongside digital sobriety. We do this by optimizing platform engineering, alleviating the cognitive load on IT teams, and advocating for Green IT and FinOps practices. Our mission is to enable a future where technology and sustainability can coexist harmoniously, leaving a lasting positive legacy.

Platform teams design, build and run the platform enabling end-users to visualize and deploy existing and new projects, interact with cutting-edge DevOps and Cloud automation without the need to become an expert, while keeping best practices in place, cloud expenses under control with a minimum carbon footprint.

Cycloid, a sustainable engineering platform, provides a frictionless self-service portal with modules around Self-service portail and orchestration, infrastructures and ressources management and FinOps and GreenOps. It can be consumed through the console, in CLI or in API.

At Cycloid, we’re fully transparent, full-remote across Europe, and we implemented 4 days work week en Friday. 

We are also an open organization meaning that your voice and point of view will have a true impact on how we work and the decisions we make. So, as you can imagine, we’re looking for someone who is keen on sharing his/her ideas and opinions. Don’t be shy!

Every year, you will be meeting the teams f2f in order to discuss to create some bounds. 

One goal: to make our sustainable platform engineering the leader in this field with a true culture

Sounds like a plan, right?


At Cycloid, the DevOps role is a key role with multiple hats;

1 - Relative to our platform, we need that the DevOps team to work with the product team on the user story and the validation of UX/UI to develop a product that makes sense for DevOps as DevOps people are one persona and if your feel comfortable and knowledgeable, participate to the development of the backend in Go. 

2 - Relative to our Open Source Strategy, we expect you to contribute to our Open Source software internally: TerraCognita, TerraCost and InfraMap and externally: Ansible, Concourse, Terraform etc...

3 - Relative to our service approach relative to Cycloid integration, design, build, migrate, maintain and run infrastructures and applications in a multi-cloud environment AWS, GCP, and/or Azure with our customers and partners. We expect you to collaborate with developers to fix problems and provide long-term solutions, participate from time to time in POC & workshops and support the presales/sales team with our customers, leads and partners as a solution architect.

We do expect people to have a positive mindset, be able to identify problems and discuss them in a positive & open way with the team. We also expect to define your own goals, agenda and priorities, share your ideas and knowledge with others, and be listened to on every topic regarding the company, not only DevOps topics.


Your Must-Have includes:

  • OS: Linux

  • Automation: Terraform, Ansible

  • Containers: Docker/Kubernetes

  • Monitoring: Prometheus, Grafana

  • DB: MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch

  • Development/scripting: Bash, Python, Golang

  • Cloud Providers: AWS and/or GCP and/or Azure

  • Design and maintain infrastructures

  • English proficiency

Your Nice to have:

  • Experience with CI/CD tools

  • Cloud Provider Certifications

  • Dev expertise in Go

  • Open Source contribution

  • French speaker

Your best qualities

  • a positive mindset (You can identify problems and discuss them in a positive & open way)

  • a wish to share your ideas and knowledge with others and be listened to on every topic regarding the company, not only code

  • a true passion for both customers, cloud, platform engineering, DevOps topics

  • Remote work lover

  • A team player who believes that contributing, sharing and managing yourself is enough


Working together should be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Here is what we bring to our side of the table :

  • A great autonomy

  • A collaborative environment where your opinion matters

  • 4 days work week on Friday

  • Holidays policy: 25 days off per year + bank holidays

  • 100% remote work: live and work from home across Europe

  • Home office setup up to €1200 (including device)

  • Choose your own device spirit

  • 1 workshop per year somewhere in EU


Join us in creating the future of platform engineering! Send us your CV or Linkedin at

  • Interview with our Founder Benjamin

  • One week to do a tech test 

  • You meet with the team at large after the test review

  • ...and we set a start date! 

Cycloid is committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone, so don’t think twice: contact us! We’ll be glad to chat no matter what.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Developer / Engineer jobs