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Spanish Language/Grammar Coach


If you’re creative, energetic, open-minded, and geeky about grammar, this could be the job for you! LearnCraft is looking for native-Spanish-speaking linguists to help our LearnCraft Spanish students practice the grammatical and syntactical essentials of the language.

Who we are:

We teach English speakers how to have meaningful conversations in Spanish with the people closest to them. Our extremely unique curriculum teaches the depths of Spanish grammar. Our students master indirect objects and subjunctives even before learning the word for “mother”. Our team of linguistic coaches helps the students practice these skills, one step at a time, in video call conversations.

What you’ll do:

(1) You’ll work with us remotely for 20+ hours per week. Our most-needed time slot is in the evenings for US Pacific and Mountain time (e.g. GMT 01:00-07:00). We also have some US morning hours available.

(2) You’ll have video calls with students aged 20 - 100 who speak English and want to speak Spanish.

(3) You’ll correct the homework they write, providing useful feedback to help them improve their understanding of how Spanish works.

(4) Over time you’ll continue to mentor the students as they develop from having a primitive understanding of the language to becoming a fluent conversational speaker.

(5) You’ll help improve our own curriculum so that every round of students gets a better and better experience over time.

(6) You’ll begin part-time with about 10 or 15 students a week. If you love what you’re doing, we’ll give you more students and it may become a full-time position.

Who you are:

  • You are a native Spanish speaker who is fully fluent in English.

  • You have formally studied linguistics and are a grammar nerd.

  • You’re a fun and creative person.

  • You approach challenges head-on with a positive attitude.

  • You care about the people around you and want them to succeed.

  • You have a dependable Internet connection for video calls.

  • You have a track record of leaving everything better than you found it.

Why is our LearnCraft Spanish course cool?

We always teach grammar first, and we teach all words in frequency order.

We have a unique teaching system that uses time-tested mnemonic techniques so our students don’t forget vocabulary words.

We give all of our students specific attention and create customized materials to get them all to their own specific fluency goals.

Our students care about learning grammar more than memorizing vocabulary and phrases.

We take all our students all the way to conversational fluency in 9 months.

The LearnCraft Spanish books have sold 20,000 copies and our podcasts get 300,000 downloads per month.

Everyone at LearnCraft Spanish is fun to work with.

How To Apply

Start by filling out the form, and if you seem like a match, we’ll follow up with instructions for submitting a 10-minute video application as the next step.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Teacher / Coach jobs