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Customer Solutions Engineer

The Opportunity

As the Customer Solutions Engineer on the Nexla team, you focus on post-sales customer use case discovery, articulation, implementation, and value delivery. You will be a critical business contributor by architecting and implementing customer use cases from pilot stages, to production, to renewal, and expansions.

You must be a strong communicator with a positive attitude, and have the ability to understand the needs of customers and translate them into solutions that solve problems with a remarkable user experience. When customers encounter the manner in which you engage with them, and the way in which you design and implement solutions to address their needs, you become a key contributor to achieving or exceeding the customer’s objectives. You will often find that you will need to get creative with how to fit in and map complex customer use cases to the capabilities of Nexla today, while giving Product and Engineering teams any feedback on the gaps you may uncover.

That said, getting first-hand interaction with customers and problems they are trying to solve also makes you a key influencer for the product roadmap. Some of what you develop may also make its way into the product. Your creativity however, will always take the lead in helping you use existing capabilities to map the best flows and workflow models you can. When you run into specific roadblocks, you will always have the Nexla Product and Engineering resources to back you up as well.


Key Responsibilities

  • Present Nexla’s applications in a clear and understandable manner to customers (including the c-suite) and partners

  • Build a discovery process/questionnaire in order to understand customer use case, pain points, challenges and key requirements

  • Design, map, and deliver exceptional user experiences & solutions using Nexla application that fulfill all key business requirements for the customer

  • Develop proof of concepts, demos, and pilots to prove that Nexla understands and can address our customer’s use case and requirements

  • Develop custom solutions as needed to fulfill requirements not available directly in the Nexla product. You must always think outside the box and not rely on Product and Engineering to solve everything

  • Write code to create extensions in the Nexla platform

  • Monitor and Debug Data Operations issues for customers

  • Continually act as a liaison with Nexla Technical Support, Engineering, Marketing, and Sales teams to provide input from customers, as well as be educated on new advancements in products and programs

  • Identify net-new opportunities and collaborate with Sales and Marketing as you deliver projects in customers’ and their partners’ ecosystem

  • KPIs you will be measured by: POC win rate, Reduce Customer Time-to-Value, and Net-new Opportunities identified

Desired Experience and Qualifications:

  • BS in Computer Science, related technical fields, and practical experience

  • 3 to 5 years experience working as a Sales Engineer or Solutions Architect implementing products at the enterprise level

  • A problem solving mindset

  • Exposure to various data and API integration architectures, data warehouses and data lakes

  • You are an highly skilled programmer with expertise in one or more of Python, Javascript, Scala

  • Excellent scripting and shell programming skills

  • Ability to understand, comprehend and solve complex problems

  • Ability to simplify complex processes and present readouts to customers (including c-suite)

  • Strong interpersonal, presentation, written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to adapt and modify your talk track to the context of each individual use case and business process.

  • Ability to work and adapt quickly in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and high growth startup environment.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Technical Support jobs