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Senior Product Analyst (Growth)

Palta is a multi-product tech platform developing several mobile apps focused on health and well-being with a combined audience of more than 60 million monthly active users. Our portfolio includes such successful companies as Flo (global leader in female health), Simple (a nutrition and wellness app with over 15m downloads), Zing (personal fitness trainer), and more. 
The rapid portfolio growth was fueled by the recently raised $100 million Series B round led by VNV Global, and the group’s revenue is currently sustainably growing 50% YoY.


We're on a mission to improve health through nutrition.

SIMPLE is a successful mobile product with over 15 million unique downloads, more than 300K 5-star reviews, and over 50% year-over-year revenue growth.It offers judgment-free, gentle guidance toward balanced nutrition, a healthy relationship with food, and ultimately, improved health and well-being. Built with flexibility and convenience in mind, the app is a safe and supportive space to get actionable feedback, learn, and increase confidence. SIMPLE’s method is shaped by a global team of nutrition, behavior change, digital health, and medical experts. The journey is enhanced through Avo, a personal wellness assistant within the app that provides timely suggestions and real-time answers.
With SIMPLE as a partner in their pocket, users feel cared for and empowered to embrace — and stick to — new healthy habits. To learn more, visit

Right now we are looking for a talented Product Analyst who will join our Growth team and help us grow the application.

Push the pace of innovation and build a future of a healthier world with us!

What we’re looking for: 

  • The desire to structure thoughts, ideas, hypotheses — we need to put in order the process of working with data, conducting experiments, interpreting results, and so on;

  • Clarity of communication — it will be necessary to work closely with various teams (product, UX research, marketing, data science) and it is important that the communication of thoughts, results and other things does not cause problems;

  • Technical skills necessary for any analyst - SQL, Python, BI (Looker/Superset or something similar), mathematical statistics.

  • Skeptical mindset and attention to details - someone have to validate that the raw data is valid, calculated metrics are sane and test results are interpreted correctly.

What you'll do: 

  • To help the product team in conducting AB tests.

  • To build reports on the current / new functionality.

  • Independently search for and offer product growth points.

  • Improve analytical infrastructure by contributing to data marts and self-service instruments.

  • Monitor current metrics, monitor the quality of data in reporting.

Perks and benefits:

  • Competitive salary package commensurate with experience;

  • Remote, in-office, and hybrid work opportunities;

  • Relocation package (Cyprus);

  • The equipment you need to do your job;

  • A premium SIMPLE subscription;

  • 21 days annual leave, plus bank holidays (those observed where you live);

  • Support to learn English, should you need (or want) to;

  • Flexible hours. We focus on your results, not how long you spend at your desk.

About our values:

  • Think deeper: We understand that in order to grow we need to make all our decisions reality-based and change our opinion based on what we learn. We appreciate data coming in various forms – quantitative and qualitative, feedback from users and colleagues, and strong and weak signals.We treat data as the main source for leveraging insights and expect people at every level to have conversations that start with data.

  • Focus on impact: Results and speed matter. When we are competing to become an A-player in the digital health market, we don’t have the luxury of deliberation. We need to make decisions and changes quickly and, swiftly learn from our mistakes.We prioritize what will have the greatest impact and aren’t distracted by anything else. We create products that benefit users while we are meeting our metrics.

  • Take ownership: We seek to improve all facets of our company even in ways beyond our job description. We seek and take responsibility for our actions and their impact. We value and set high expectations for our own work so that it can add to the overall quality and innovation results of the team. Each one of us is empowered to make this company a success, take the lead to resolve disagreements and systemic issues.

  • Push the limits: We encourage our team to explore new ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and continuously improve work. This mindset can lead to breakthroughs in product development, improved operational efficiency, and increased competitiveness in the market. We believe that a culture and mindset of constantly striving to exceed existing standards, boundaries, or expectations that include innovation, experimentation, and a willingness to take risks, can bring us success. We don't accept what someone says as truth if we disagree with it, no matter what authority that person has in the company and express ourselves directly, not through back channels. We challenge ideas, from policy to product decisions, and always seek to understand the reason behind what we do.

  • Be a Championship Team: As a part of the championship team, you must improve your own performance constantly also know your teammates, their talents and skills and be focused on a common goal and how to achieve it together. We hold each other accountable for our contribution to the shared success or failure, and we constantly look for ways to help our colleagues to improve and for us to perform better as a team. We collaborate within the team in order to compete with challengers in the outside world. We build relationships of trust. We provide our teammates with the autonomy and support they need to deliver their part of the goal. 


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