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Senior Copywriter


This is a Senior Copywriter position. 10+ years of experience in a copywriting role at an agency, working on projects that include writing for short and long-form branding needs.

About Parisleaf

We are a brand & digital agency that specializes in partnering with Nonprofits. Most of our work helps support fundraising efforts by building brands for major fundraising campaigns because, as we often say, money is mission fuel in the right hands.

We’re seeking people who want to help purpose-driven brands turn their ambitions into reality. Thoughtful people who share our values of gratitude, responsibility, integrity, candor, and empathy. Curious people who believe good strategy and good design can drive business. We love making things for a living and are in it for the long haul. For us at Parisleaf, that means designing an agency culture that is built on love and grounded in integrity. Whether the role is in creative, operations, or business development, everyone at Parisleaf is dedicated to helping clients (or Partners, as we like to call them) find and show their purpose.

Our clients want to leave their corner of the world a little better than they found it. They seek creative partners who will advocate for their audience. They want substance and style. They hire us for who we are as much or more than what we do.

The Opportunity

At Parisleaf, we write and design all kinds of things, but it always revolves around the brand. And we’re on a mission to help our partners fundraise to help fuel their mission. Alongside our Creative Director, the next senior copywriter at Parisleaf will help us carry out this mission. You will work with our multidisciplinary team on projects ranging from competitive analysis and stakeholder interviews to verbal identity and interaction strategy. You’ll put that strategic content to work through copywriting for brand guides, print collateral, web, video, and environmental design.

Though you will spend many hours writing in sweet solitude, this position is collaborative and client-facing. We are looking for someone who enjoys developing ideas with clients and colleagues and can then hunker down and write powerful copy that meets our partners’ needs, tell their truth, and exceed their expectations.

P.S. – We’re an Oxford comma shop. No need to apply if you disagree. ;-)

About You

You’re a gifted writer with a penchant for research. Psychology fascinates you. You’re an experienced copywriter, and while you’re adept at writing clever headlines that inspire action, you’re a poet at heart. You thrive on helping brands discover their essence and put their purpose into brief, memorable, magnetic words. You like writing words that are useful and believe that form and function should be besties.

Mission, vision, purpose statement, big idea, manifesto, purple cow – it seems every branding agency has its own terminology for the first half of branding. Whatever you like to call these terms, you understand that it’s all for naught if brands cannot clearly describe why they exist, what sets them apart, and why people should care.

You’ve helped to develop everything from competitive analysis to core positioning statements, voice and tone, content strategy, taglines, and marketing copy from brand guidelines to production.

You’ve worked closely with designers and appreciate the interplay between words, letters, and images.

You’ve spent years studying how people read and hear online, in print, and across time – and you know how strong brand identity can tie it all together.

You are proactive, self-motivated, and organized. You’re comfortable presenting work to clients and listening to what they’re not saying. You can defend your decisions with confidence and professionalism. You are curious, empathetic, and – most importantly – willing to set your ego aside for the greater good of clients and teammates.

The Role

The Senior Copywriter will work closely with our creative, project management, business development, and leadership teams to help service the company and our partners’ needs. Typical tasks include:

  • Researching partner materials and competitive landscapes to summarize highlights and opportunities.

  • Facilitating discovery interviews with problem-finding, insights, and opportunities in mind.

  • Writing key discernment summaries to capture research insights and analysis.

  • Working with teammates and helping to facilitate collaborative workshops with clients.

  • Establishing the who, what, and why it matters of brand messaging guidelines.

  • Developing strategic recommendations for naming, messaging, and identity design.

  • Facilitating transitions from verbal to visual milestones with designer(s).

  • Collaborating with design to establish core and directional ideas.

  • Sharing keen observations, opinionated viewpoints, and objective feedback with teammates to ensure our solutions are world-class.

  • Writing taglines, headlines, and content for various deliverables from print to digital.

  • Working with our partners navigating conflict, staying on target, developing relationships, and building partnerships

  • Assist with internal writing and editing needs such as case studies, articles, social posts, and more.

  • Sharing expertise through short- and long-form thought leadership in an effort to help us expand our reach and further grow partnerships.

  • Time management and budgeting, scope: Establishing good self-editing, time management, budgeting, and scoping skills.

  • Communicating well in both written and spoken forms.

This is a full-time, remote, salaried position commensurate with experience. We are a fully distributed team. Travel is required.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Writing / Editing jobs