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Instructional Designer (Temporary, Full-Time)

Company overview

Founded in 2007, Quimbee is on a mission to empower every legal journey. Our cutting-edge platform provides law students and legal professionals with the essential tools and resources they need for success. From expert-written case briefs and engaging video lessons to practice exams and multiple-choice quizzes, Quimbee is revolutionizing legal education and bar preparation.

The opportunity

Quimbee’s instructional designers are passionate about teaching and learning with technology. We understand how learners understand and comprehend information through multimedia, and we develop our educational videos to take advantage of that. We love aligning theoretical research with practical implementation. In this temporary role, you’ll be assigned one or more projects on which you’ll be the lead instructional designer. You’ll take a script written by a subject-matter expert and turn it into a beautiful, multimedia learning product. You'll be working with the SVP of product and the lead instructional designer to learn our methodology and then take it from there, adding your own knowledge and experience to the product.


  • You're awesome at explaining complex information to novices. This is paramount. This means that you can visualize the most complex information and represent it in a way that anyone can understand. Creativity within brand guidelines is also a must-have skill.

  • You’ve done work creating instructional videos for a higher education company or institution. Ideally, you’ve worked on MOOCs or asynchronous courses for an educational institution. Even better? You’ve done the same work for a law firm or law-focused institution. Our customers are law students, so it’s important that you understand this audience and know how they want to learn. Our students spend a lot of money to be the best they can be, and we want you to be a huge factor in that success.

  • You have a masters degree in instructional design and follow the learning science research. Optimally, you’ll be versed in the learning science literature that surrounds comprehension of online multimedia, especially in adults. You’ve read everything by Mayer. You know Bloom’s Taxonomy by heart and maybe have even followed the paper trail to Renkl or Chi. Whomever your favorite author is, you’ve taken multimedia theory and have made it a huge part of your process.

  • You’re adept with various technologies. We use technologies such as Keynote and Illustrator to create storyboards for our instructional videos. Being flexible with various technologies to accomplish the goal of creating the best legal-education materials in the world is important.

  • You're a good teammate. You'll be working with a well-oiled machine that includes managers, graphic designers, narrators, and others. Part of our success is the efficiency with which we work and how we get along as a team.


  • 100% remote work for maximum flexibility

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Design jobs