30 Jun 2020

How to Get a Job at a Remote Company

What better way to learn about how to get a job at a remote company than gaining an insight into how a successful remote company hires? We were fortunate enough to have Nat Eliason of Growth Machine sit down with our team and discuss how he assesses potential new team members. Nat manages a remote [...] Read more

16 Jun 2020

How to Communicate with Teams Across Time Zones

Have you ever coordinated a video conference with someone from Europe, someone from North America, and someone from Asia? If so, you probably have felt the pain of working with people in different timezones. Staying up late for a meeting, delayed replies and the lack of sync-up time make leading globalized remote teams challenging. Nevertheless, [...] Read more

9 Jun 2020

5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement on a Remote Team

  In 1999, researchers Jonathan Haidt and Judith Rodin collaborated on a review paper which concluded that “changing an institution’s environment to increase the sense of control among its workers, students, patients, or other users was one of the most effective possible ways to increase their sense of engagement, energy, and happiness.” Judith Rodin and [...] Read more

2 Jun 2020

Where to Find Remote Internships

Hi there, We’re excited to announce that our new page dedicated to remote internships is now live. For the last few months, our team has been working with My Consulting Offer to find remote opportunities and students to fill them. The following is a little more information on why we decided to add this specific [...] Read more

12 May 2020

How to Get a Remote Tech Job

Some say that remote working is the way of the future. Remote workers bring many benefits to a company such as lower operations costs, increased productivity, and happier employees. Although the working model is not applicable to all businesses, it is a viable option for many working in a variety of tech jobs. Ready to [...] Read more

4 Apr 2020

Remote Hiring Guide: Interview Questions and Reference Checks

In this section of our Remote Hiring Guide, we discuss interview questions and reference checks. How do you filter through a pool of hundreds of applicants when their resumes and cover letters all look similar? What makes a candidate stand out? We get to the bottom of it. Remote Hiring Interview Questions Here are some [...] Read more

28 Mar 2020

Remote Hiring Guide: Application Process Template

In the first three articles of our Remote Hiring Guide, we have talked about the hiring process and timeline, the job description template, and how to create a video for your job description. Once you’ve posted your job description and applications start pouring in, what next? Here we’ll be taking time to discuss the remote [...] Read more

24 Mar 2020

Free Online Classes, Courses, and Learning Resources

To keep you busy during the quarantine, we’ve gathered a list of free online classes, eBooks, learning tools, and things to do. As many of us settle into mandatory quarantine or are embracing responsible self-isolation, the question of ‘what should I do with all this time?’ is on many of our minds. Although there seem [...] Read more

24 Mar 2020

How to Work Remotely from Home

Here are three steps to succeed when working remotely. In these crazy times, we decided to create this article to help those who are looking at how to work remotely. We consider three fundamental things you have to keep in mind to start… Finding a Remote Income  Setting Up Your Workspace Staying Productive When You [...] Read more

21 Mar 2020

Remote Hiring Guide: Creating a Video for Your Job Description

We’ve found that another way to help your position stand out and increase the quality of applications is to add a video to your job description. Now creating a video for your job description isn’t as scary as it sounds, so don’t let the idea of recording a video daunt you! This process can take [...] Read more

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