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Creator Manager

Job Overview

As a Creator Manager for one of gaming's most esteemed Creator Programs, your role is pivotal in fostering a strong bond between the developer and their community of creators. You'll drive engagement, ensure creators feel supported and valued, and champion their voices. Integral to this role is the responsibility of quality assurance, ensuring content aligns with dev standards, and regular reporting to track community growth and trends. Your efforts will uphold the developer's commitment to quality and innovation in mobile gaming.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Community engagement and support

    • Provide ongoing support to creators, answering their questions and assisting them through challenges.

    • Monitor all communication channels and respond to all queries in a timely manner.

    • Ensure quality control within the creator community and their content.

    • Distribute key information, updates and codes in a timely manner.

  • Review and Approvals

    • Content reviews for internal program.

    • Evaluate Creator Program applications daily. 

    • Facilitate game access requests for Beta access.

    • Weekly localization and review of inbox items for all games.

  • Audit and Reporting

    • Conduct audits of the Creator Portal.

    • Generate detailed reports on the participating creators in the Creator Program.

    • Track engagement with Beta games. 

  • Content Strategy

    • Ideate and present innovative strategies for social media community engagement.

  • Content Publishing

    • Publish fresh content for the creator portal.

    • Oversee and update the Asset Library.

    • Produce and distribute sneak peek recordings for creators. 

  • Quality Assurance

    • Ensure that all published work meets the highest quality standards.

    • Maintain a consistent cadence of reporting for all aspects of the program.

  • Continued Education

    • Stay updated with the latest courses offered by the internal creator education program.

  • Esports Support

    • Coordinate live events and manage VODs for Esports events. 

    • Process event proposals related to Esports.

    • Nurture and maintain strong relationships with Esports talent.


  • REQUIRED: Familiarity with the mobile gaming industry.

  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain positive relationships.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Proven ability in time and task management. 

  • High degree of accountability and ownership.

  • Proactive mentality.

  • Ability to inspire and encourage others.

  • Prior experience in community management or similar roles. (preferred)


  • A vibrant work environment with passionate colleagues.

  • Competitive salary with benefits.

  • Opportunities for professional growth within the company.

  • Remote work environment.

  • Access to exclusive events and creator meetups. 

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