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Creative Strategist for TikTok - Kids/Baby Clothing Brand

Cuddle Club is looking for an all-star creative strategist to help us launch our presence on TikTok!

This job will begin as a short-term project, however, has the potential to turn into a full-time Chief Creative Officer role.

Mission / Purpose:

A Creative Strategist’s mission is to lead the creative department of our Kids & Baby Clothing Brand. Being the link between the creative team and the media buying & influencer team - the Creative Strategist is involved in every step of the creative process.

The Creative Strategist executes customer research and ideation but also forms hypotheses, writes scripts, and storyboards, analyzes data, documents learnings, and iterates.

The Creative Strategist also manages the entire creative process, communicating with Influencer Liasons, Video Editors, and Media Buyers.

Native Genius:

You’re a creative first-person but almost as equally organized.

Key Competencies:

  • Creativity

  • Documentation

  • Analysis

  • Writing

  • Management

  • Organization


  • You have worked as a UGC Creator, Copywriter, Media Buyer, or in any creative endeavor where content creation or creativity (video) was involved.

  • You use TikTok regularly.

  • Experience with direct-response principles is a bonus.

Technical Know-How:

You understand how to use Facebook Ad Library, Tiktok, Google Drive,, Notion, Slack, Zoom

Initial Project:

  1. Compile Creative Briefs for 4 products

  2. Train Tiktok algorithm on new account for new niche

  3. Identify 10 trends in the niche to add to creator briefs


Analyze affiliate content to find patterns of what is working to update briefs and pass on information to influencer liaison

Identify at least 15-20 new winning/trending content frameworks


  • Analyze affiliate content weekly and provide insights report to influencer liaison

  • Complete + Update creator briefs as needed

  • Find & add 10 winning/trending content frameworks relevant to the niche

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Marketing jobs