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This job is closed. But you can apply to other open Developer / Engineer jobs.

Junior Shopify Theme Developer

Enkomion is a small Shopify Plus development agency. We help clients all over the world with theme adjustments, speed improvements, and all sorts of other Shopify-related development work.

🧑‍💻 Main Responsibilities

  • Make adjustments to clients’ Shopify themes (both stylistic and functional)

  • Improve loading speed and Core Web Vitals of clients’ Shopify stores

  • Integrate and modify Shopify Apps and other external scripts on clients’ stores

  • Technical research & estimations

  • Communication!

🛠️ Technical Requirements

  • Web Development Fundamentals: Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Experience with Shopify: Understanding of Shopify’s Liquid template language and the Shopify platform as a whole

  • Clean coding habits: You should value clean, well-structured, and maintainable code

  • Optional: Experience with Shopify’s APIs, building checkout extensions, or Tailwind CSS are welcome additional skills

💬 Non-Technical Requirements

  • Clear and proactive communication: Communication is essential to make sure we deliver quality work to our clients on time

  • Reliability & trustworthiness: You are expected to provide quality work on time and communicate problems as they come up

  • Attention to detail: Mention the word "pineapple" in your application to prove that you read this

  • Ability to self-organise: You should be able to organise yourself and work independently. Coaching and guidelines will be provided, but there will be no micromanagement

⭐️ Job Details

  • You will work independently with very few meetings or other interruptions

  • Great performance is highly appreciated and will be compensated with bonus payments

  • 14 days of paid holiday per year

  • Contracting position

  • Work remotely

👉 The Next Steps

Suitable candidates will be asked to participate in a small coding challenge (15min).

Based on this, candidates may be invited for a video interview.

Candidates who pass the interview will be hired for a test project before signing a long term contract.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Developer / Engineer jobs