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Product Designer


● Update the design of UI components and templates in the client's design system

● Document the usage, types, and states of various components in the client's

design system in conjunction with product management

● Review specification docs for new applications or updates to preexisting screens

● Turn specifications into wireframes, mockups and, ultimately, high-fidelity prototypes

● Regularly refine and further optimize designs based on feedback from users and other

team members

● Help ensure that components, templates, and mockups comply with accessibility

guidelines and legislation, including WCAG 2.1 and Section 508


● 5+ years of professional experience as a UI/UX Designer

● 3+ years experience as a leading contributor to the design of a B2B software product

● A portfolio that illustrates an extensive track record of designing intuitive, accessible,

and responsive B2B software applications. (Please specify your role in the design of

the products in your portfolio and the title of the team members with whom you

collaborated during the design process.)

● Expert in interactive and visual design

● Experience with and training in web accessibility

● Exceptional attention to detail

● Knowledge of HTML and CSS is a plus

● Experience working in a fast-moving startup environment is a plus

$60 - $80 an hour

Subject to interview performance but currently scoped for $60-80/hr USD, ongoing contract dependent on performance, 40 hours a week.

Must have modern UI polish, this is a visual leaning product design role. Must have WCAG/ Accessibility

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Product jobs