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Senior Sales Engineer

About Gruntwork:

Gruntwork is on a mission to transform the way DevOps is done. Let’s face it: designing, launching, and managing infrastructure is still a terrible experience for most organizations, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

We are globally recognized both for our open source tools used by thousands of companies from startups to Fortune 500s, and our thought leadership on how DevOps should be done.

About this role:

Join Gruntwork’s Sales team as a Sr. Sales Engineer, crafting and leading the technical journey for enterprise clients.

  • Create and implement a “surprisingly helpful” technical journey for Gruntwork customers, focusing on large Enterprises.

  • Collaborate with Gruntwork’s VP & Head of Sales to establish a world-class sales motion and drive scalable growth.

  • Build and deliver tailored product presentations and demonstrations aligned with client requirements.

  • Develop industry-leading Proofs of Concept (PoCs) to showcase solutions and support marketing activities.

  • Provide authoritative guidance on DevOps concepts, infrastructure architecture, cloud, IT operations, and development technologies.

  • Influence our product roadmap with customer feedback and insights.

Qualifications for Success:

  • 5+ years experience in pre-sales sales/engineering for technical products, preferably in high-growth environments selling to DevOps or Platform Engineering teams.

  • Hands-on experience with cloud technologies, DevOps concepts, and infrastructure as code (IaC).

  • Proficiency in AWS, Terraform, Hubspot, Stripe and Gruntwork open-source tools like Terragrunt.

  • Strong customer-facing skills in communication, follow-up, presentation, and teamwork skills.

  • Passion for technology and translating it into business impact.

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT/Business or equivalent experience preferred.

About the team:

We're a close-knit team, and you'll engage with nearly all of us. You'll work in our sales team to meet technical requirements of prospective clients, with our engineers and SMEs to understand deep technical questions, and with our product and marketing teams to collaborate on customer needs.

About you:

We’re looking for a Grunt who:

  • Loves making customers happy. You're on a mission to making customers happy and successful. You're eager to leverage your talents to meet their needs.

  • Loves to learn. You're excited abut learning new things, and looking to be at the forefront of Sales and DevOps best practices.

  • Loves a challenge. You like to perform at your best by aiming high while also taking care of yourself and those around you.

  • Cares about your fellow humans. You look to make personal connections with the people you work with, and you want to work for a company whose mission and people you believe in.

  • Has extensive AWS foundations experience. You have worked for years with AWS, have deep familiarity with AWS networking (VPC), foundational best practices (Organizations, SCPs, Landing Zone), and security best practices.

  • Has extensive Terraform experience. You have directly authored plenty of Terraform modules, you've operated Terraform in prod and can speak from your years of experience, and you're excited to use OpenTofu.

  • Has a passion for DevOps best practices. You're passionate about the best way to run modern cloud infrastructure in a secure, convenient, and enjoyable way.

  • Has a strong interest in Sales. You love to perform and persuade. You’re driven to win and compete.

About the company:

  • No investors, no debt. We control our own destiny and are focused on building a company that customers love.

  • 100% remote. We've been 100% remote from day 1, however we're all in USA time zones and regularly collaborate together.

  • In-person meetups every few months. We meet in person every ~4 months in a beautiful location to foster close relationships among our team.

  • Transparent financials. We share our full financials every month with every member of the company.

  • Systematically above-market salary. We compute all salaries using a formula designed to systematically pay above market, wherever you live.

  • Above-market equity. We offer above-market equity grants, and we’ve even put in place a “progressive equity” plan where if there is a large exit event, employees end up with a progressively larger portion of the proceeds than their pro-rata equity holdings.

  • Profit-sharing bonus. We set aside a pot of money at the end of each year based on profits and distribute bonuses according to a formula that uses as inputs your level within the company and the length of your tenure at the company.

  • Hardware budget. We'll buy you a brand new state-of-the-art 16" Apple MacBook Pro (or other computer of your choosing of equivalent value) upon joining. It will be owned by you, not the company.

  • Personal Budget. We'll give you a personal budget of $1,000 USD per month (yes, per month) to spend on your workspace (e.g., a co-working space), health (e.g., gym, yoga), time (e.g., babysitter), and/or learning (e.g., books, courses).

  • Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance. We offer a range of high-quality plans with a large portion paid by the company. For countries other than the US, this includes extra coverage on top of your statutory insurance.

  • Pension/401(k) contributions. We contribute 3% of your salary to your pension or 401(k).

About your time zone:

One of our values is that work-life balance leads to both better work and a better life, so we require that all our team members live in a time zone between Los Angeles and New York, inclusive. You can be located anywhere in the western hemisphere, though most of our team is in the USA and Canada.

Our interview process:

After you apply for this role, here's the process we'll go through to evaluate a mutual fit:

  1. Phone screen. We'll do a quick phone screen to assess a general fit.

  2. Technical interview. We'll talk shop with you to see if we're on the same page about the technical requirements for the role.

  3. Customer-facing skills interview. We'll try to get a feel for how well we think you'll work with both customers and our team.

  4. Paid trial project. We'll pay you for the opportunity to work together for 1 day.

  5. Reference checks. We'll ask your prior colleagues about where you thrive most.

  6. Offer! We're very pleased to be working together!

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