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Amazon PPC Manager

This dynamic position requires a highly skilled and motivated professional with experience in managing PPC campaigns, ideally on Amazon.

Your responsibilities will extend beyond maximizing ROI, as you'll be instrumental in leveraging PPC strategies to improve Amazon sales rank and enhance overall product visibility. In addition to your expertise in PPC, proficiency in tools such as Google Sheets, Scale Insights, and DataRova is essential.

Bonus points if you bring experience with MySQL databases, as our internal tools use these to analyze data.

💰 Monthly salary 2K to 3K per month

🏝️ Work from anywhere in the world

⏱️ Flexible working hours

🥳 Paid holiday

📖 Great training opportunities

🚀🚀🚀 Fast growing and tons of opportunities


The Company

The company recruiting is a small & fast growing Amazon pure player. The team is made of 8 employees, including the two founders, distributed across the globe between Asia and Europe. 

You can expect a good atmosphere where people work hard, don't take themselves too seriously and support each other.

If you want to join a company where you will do cool yoga retreats, share Instagram restaurant type photos and sermon everyone about leadership and company culture, this is not the right place. 

If however you want to join a company where you can build a very close relationship with the founders, learn from them, build deep friendships with a handful of colleagues based everywhere in the world, and enjoy the benefit of full remote and flexible working time, then you will have a great time with my client. 



  • PPC Campaign Management:

    • Oversee and optimize PPC campaigns on Amazon Seller Central, ensuring maximum ROI.

    • Leverage PPC strategies to enhance Amazon sales rank and overall visibility.

    • Utilize the advertising console and brand analytics tools within Amazon Seller Central.

    • Stay informed about industry trends, competitive landscape, and algorithm changes to implement effective strategies.

  • Data Analysis:

    • Demonstrate strong proficiency in Google Sheets for data analysis and reporting.

    • Utilize internal tools connected to MySQL databases for extracting and analyzing relevant data.

    • Collaborate with our product managers to derive actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.

  • Tool Proficiency:

    • Familiarity with Amazon Seller Central, including advertising console and brand analytics.

    • Experience using Scale Insights and DataRova for comprehensive campaign insights.

    • Knowledge of MySQL databases to navigate and understand data for internal tools (basic knowledge).

  • Collaboration:

    • Work closely with cross-functional teams, including marketing, analytics, and product teams.

  • Reporting:

    • Generate regular and ad-hoc reports on PPC performance, providing insights and recommendations.

    • Ensure accurate and timely reporting to measure the success of campaigns.


  • Proven experience in managing PPC accounts, preferably on Amazon Seller Central.

  • Strong proficiency in Google Sheets for data analysis and reporting.

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Strong Ability to adapt to evolving industry trends, algorithm changes, and to utilize new tools and methods, as-necessary.


Great plus:

  • Experience with MySQL databases for data extraction and analysis.

  • Familiarity with tools such as Scale Insights and DataRova

  • Experience using ChatGPT to learn and solve problems.

  • Ability to learn and develop novel solutions to complex problems


If that description reads and sounds like the sort of jobs you would love doing, then please apply using the button below. 

I look forward to hearing from you and I will be in touch rapidly to let you know if you application can progress to the next stage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When would you like the new hire to start?
Asap but flexible to enable the right person to finish their current job in the right manner.
What’s the hiring process after the application is filled out? E.G. interviews with team members and a test project?
If you are shortlisted you will be asked to complete a small assessment. Then you will meet the recruiter, and then the founders.
What are some perks and benefits of the job?
These are explained in the Job Description, see above
Is this a contractor (1099) or employee (W2) position?
Is there a trial or test period? About how long?
3 months
Are there set hours I need to be working during the day?
Yes, you will need to work in set hours but you will discuss this with the founders who are in the USA and Thailand. But within these hours no one will mind if you need to go to the gym or the dentist - the team work in an organised but flexible manner.

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