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Administrative Assistant


If you’re a self-driven, detail-oriented, native-level English speaker who loves working in a remote environment, this could be the job for you! LearnCraft Spanish is looking for an administrative assistant to help manage our communications and projects to make us a better company and serve our students more effectively

Who we are

We are a team of about 15 creative workers, led by Timothy Moser, creator of LearnCraft Spanish. Our mission is to make it possible for English speakers to acquire Spanish as a true second language so that they can make deep personal connections in Spanish. Our students are located all over the world and our team is spread throughout the Americas and Europe. Our team keeps in touch via Slack, email, and Google Meet video calls.

Core Values

  1. Stay Fun and Creative - Our students want to know that learning a language is fun and the LearnCraft Spanish course is centered around creativity and novelty. For our students, learning a language should feel like a fun game. For our team, we celebrate every creative accomplishment and have fun along the way.

  2. Understand and Commit - Understanding the heart of what’s being said by a student or teammate, and committing to acting on it, is essential to good service and healthy communication.

  3. Sharpen the Saw - If you need to cut down a tree and you have a dull saw, you should focus first on fixing the tool instead of the tree (“sharpening the saw”). This philosophy shapes how we are constantly striving to improve the tools we use to teach our students and run our business operations.

  4. Quality Work, Quality Play -  In order to produce high quality work on a consistent basis, it's important to prioritize quality play away from work so that you can be your best, both at work and at home. It is important that all of our staff members prioritize personal time for fun, family, and rest so they can deliver exceptional service to our students.

What you’ll do

  1. Work with an awesome team from wherever you live, at a flexible schedule.

  2. Help keep track of our projects and tasks to ensure that important stuff in the business is always taken care of.

  3. Help manage our customer support channels, communicating directly with our students via email and Slack

  4. Schedule podcast episodes for two daily shows.

  5. Help launch our two monthly courses each month, including creating new Slack workspaces, scheduling course-related emails, and updating course content.

  6. Create biweekly social media posts, repurposing existing content to keep our channels active and informative.

  7. Schedule newsletters and promotional emails for our subscribers.

  8. Onboard and offboard students.

  9. Collect weekly, departmental KPIs that help direct effective leadership decision-making.

  10. Other administrative tasks as necessary.

Tools we use: Slack, Asana, Google Workspace, ConvertKit, Teachable, Leadpages, WordPress, Libsyn, Facebook Business Suite, LastPass

Who you are

  • You are a self-motivated, detail-oriented person with experience working with remote teams.

  • You resonate with our core values and exemplify them both at home and at work.

  • You are comfortable in a customer-facing role and handling an active inbox.

  • You are reliable and show up consistently every day because the team depends on you.

  • You take initiative and solve problems proactively.

  • You are detail-oriented and like to be sure that everything is taken care of perfectly.

  • You’re a fun and creative person.

  • You care about the people around you and want them to succeed.

  • You have a track record of leaving everything better than you found it.

  • You have a strong commitment to the quality of work you produce and in order to do that, you prioritize quality rest away from work.


  • Native or near-native level English skills and are good at communicating with a diverse team (Spanish skills are not required).

  • 10-15 hours / week, with the possibility for growth in the future.

  • Checking and responding to messages twice daily.

  • Working hours that overlap with US working hours for at least two hours / day (9am - 5pm Eastern).

  • Strong, dependable internet connection that can accommodate video calls for weekly team meetings.

  • Ability to consistently meet deadlines and communicate with team members if this isn’t possible.

This position is not for you if:

  • You are looking for an employee position (this is currently a contractor role).

  • You want a short-term gig. We are looking for someone who wants to grow with our team.

  • You aren’t comfortable communicating directly with clients or fellow team members.

  • Your daily “to-do” list usually ends up as a coaster for your coffee mug.

How to apply:

To apply, simply fill out our application form. To be considered for the position, include your favorite color as the answer to the question to “tell us something extra about yourself”.

If you seem like a good fit, we’ll follow up with instructions to send us a 10-minute video application.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 10th

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Admin / Virtual Assistant jobs