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Customer Support Specialist

About Us

The web is a very exciting place today, but building great user experiences (especially for online commerce) is still slow, complicated, and often expensive. Marketing, design, and engineering teams all have to collaborate together to create content, but leaky abstractions and 10+ year old tech on platforms like Shopify create huge headaches for teams.

At its core, Replo’s mission is to bridge the code gap, making it easier for developers and their teams to collaborate and iterate on the web.

🌆 Location Preferences

We're open to remote positions, but for this role, we prefer if you're located in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, or within +/- 3 hours of these timezones.

Meet The Founders Replo was founded by Yuxin and Noah in 2021. They've been friends since freshmen year studying Computer Science at Cal. They've raised over $2.6M from YCombinator, Infinity Ventures, MAGIC Fund, as well as the founders of NextJS/Vercel. Noah was previously principal engineer at Plangrid, Yuxin ran the Commerce team at Uber.

Your responsibilities

This is a support role.

We work with many of the top Shopify brands including Hexclad, Jambys, Nathan James and we need you to be able to

  1. Respond to live chat support

  2. Respond to questions in our Slack Community

  3. Respond to questions over email

Often times, these are issues with the way our app works or their page is set up in our editor, and you will need a background in HTML/CSS to resolve this.

We also need you to escalate issues to our engineering team, respond promptly, and help people learn the app.

Looking for someone who

  • Has a background in HTML + CSS. This is a technically demanding role where you may need to help users understand our product.

  • Has some background on Shopify. All of our customers use Shopify and Replo is built on Shopify. You must know how Shopify works (products, themes, etc).

  • Has great people skills: genuine, curious, engaging, and empathetic.

  • Is professional proficient with English.

  • Can work from 9am - 5pm PST.

Bonus points if you

  • Are already familiar with the Replo app.

  • Have experience with Slack and Intercom.

  • Have availability to work outside of 9am - 5pm PST. We’re exploring how useful this will be.

  • Know a bit about code and have past experience working with engineers and designers

  • Have an eye for visual design (or past experience in product design, Figma, etc)

Next steps

Watch this intro video (3 min) to familiarize yourself with the product

If you are interested in helping us as a Customer Support Specialist, send an email to or DM Steve on LinkedIn.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Customer Support jobs