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Customer Support Specialist

Hi there, we’re SignWell. We’re an eSignature tool used by thousands of businesses to get their documents signed. We're a small startup team of 5 people working remotely around the globe, in a fast-growing SaaS company. 

Many companies mention why you should apply, but we think this is a unique opportunity. Here's why… 

You'll be part of a team that: 

  • Is quickly growing an early-stage product (right as momentum is building)

  • Truly works together in a positive team environment 

  • Spends time learning and experimenting with new and better ways of doing things 

Basically, this is an opportunity where you’ll work with a small team to directly contribute to a product’s success. In the process, you'll develop valuable skills that will be useful throughout your entire career. 

About the Role

Most important thing: You need to love people and have excellent communication skills (written and verbal). We can teach almost everything else (as long as you're comfortable with computers). 

The main thing you'll be doing: Answering customer support questions through a help desk system. 

Some other key duties you'll be helping with from time to time: 

  • Scheduled calls with customers and helping with questions they may have (on Zoom mostly)… not frequent but do happen sometimes

  • Screen sharing or video calls (so you'll need either a built-in video camera on your computer or one you can add to your computer)

  • Video calls onboarding customers or showing features and how SignWell works (aka demos)

  • Creating short support or instructional screencast videos

  • Writing/editing help guides and creating help videos 

  • Doing customer research (including phone calls to interview existing customers). Online marketing research and analysis 

  • Writing/editing newsletters and blog posts 

  • Testing our web application 

Skills and experience you should have: 

  • Remote, Small Team Experience (SaaS is a huge plus!)

  • Extra friendly and patient 

  • Excellent ability to communicate (both written and verbal) 

  • Microsoft Office/Word (or something similar) 

  • Customer support (or customer service) 

  • Be comfortable using computers and ability to do video calls if necessary, able to learn quickly 

  • Detail oriented 

  • Friendly (again) and good with people 

SignWell asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact SignWell directly.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Customer Support jobs