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TypeScript Developer

Support Sidekick TypeScript Developer Wanted

Support Sidekick is looking for an experienced, product-focused TypeScript Developer!

If you're interested in working with a tight team, getting a say in what you create, and learning to use the latest and greatest AI tools to build cool stuff, this job could be for you! 

The Overview

  • Full-time: 40 hours per week

  • Flexible: work from anywhere (as long as there is some overlap with Japan time)

  • Fun: You get to play with all the cool AI stuff

  • Opportunity: Get in early with a small, independent team

  • Impact: Work directly with the founders

Who is Support Sidekick?

  • We’re a small, efficient team building amazing products and calmly enjoying the journey.

    • A non-technical founder based in Tokyo 

    • A technical founder based in Osaka

What is Support Sidekick?

  • A suite of AI-first Customer Support SaaS tools

  • One of our tools can be seen in the wild at

What your role IS:

  • You'll step into the role of a true collaborator, where your voice carries weight in every decision about products and technology. 

  • Your tasks will encompass building features, squashing bugs, enhancing performance, and learning new AI technologies. 

  • You'll be in charge of not only the code but also the design, testing, and documentation for everything you create.

  • You’ll join and participate in the end-to-end creation process: from ideation to development of new features.

  • You'll have a chance to make a big impact here. It's also a great place to learn and grow.

What your role IS NOT:

  • Endless meetings, estimation guesswork, or slogging through an infinite backlog

  • A venture capital-backed unicorn chasing growth at any cost

Who we’re looking for

  • You’re a product-focused, senior TypeScript developer with a good number of years under your belt. 

  • You're a self-learner, who can write entire features all by yourself and are open to feedback on your own code. 

  • You get the balance between super clean code and code that just gets the job done.

  • You're fun to work with. You're the kind of person who's open-minded and positive. You generally give folks the benefit of the doubt.

  • English might not be your first language, but you've got a solid grasp of it. You wouldn't break a sweat writing docs or chatting about a fresh feature with a customer.

  • You're a pro communicator. 

What’s the tech stack?

  • TypeScript

  • Node.js

  • Firestore Database

  • Vue

  • Google App Engine

  • Google Cloud Tasks


  • TypeScript Proficiency: A minimum of 5-7 years of hands-on experience with TypeScript, including a deep understanding of its features, type systems, and best practices.

  • Frontend Development: Skilled in frontend development technologies such as React or Angular, as TypeScript is commonly used in web development.

  • Full-Stack Development: A broad understanding of both frontend and backend development, enabling seamless integration of TypeScript code throughout the product. Must have experience with Node.js.

  • Testing: Expertise in unit testing and end-to-end testing with tools like Jest, Mocha, or Cypress to ensure product quality.

  • Problem-Solving: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to address complex issues and optimize product performance.

  • Product Focus: A keen understanding of the product development process, user experience design, and the ability to align technical decisions with business goals and user needs.

Nice-to-haves (but not required!)

  • Experience with Zendesk, Help Scout, or OpenAI APIs

  • UX/UI Skills: A background or skills in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design can help in creating more user-friendly and visually appealing products

  • Remote Work Experience: Experience working effectively in remote or distributed teams, showcasing adaptability and strong communication skills in a remote work environment

  • Live in Tokyo, Japan, and enjoy ramen:)

Some Additional bonuses

  • 20 days vacation per year (flexible)

  • Tuition reimbursement

  • Paid gym membership

  • Equity participation available

Support Sidekick asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact Support Sidekick directly.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Developer / Engineer jobs