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Executive Assistant

Who we are

HyperPlay is the game store from the future where players discover great games, and developers find a censorship-resistant and developer-loyal distribution platform.

HyperPlay solves the largest user experience and infrastructure problems facing both the players and developers of web3-enabled games.

HyperPlay is built around MetaMask: the most interoperable, permissionless, and extensible wallet. HyperPlay extends these value propositions to the world of gaming through a rich in-game overlay with web3 features. Our in-game overlay features seamless wallet transactions, quests, achievements, token swaps, marketplaces, and social community.

HyperPlay’s developer solutions are the easiest to adopt in the industry, from simple and optional wallet APIs to rich quest builders and smart contract factories. Game developers can interact with our APIs directly from Unity, Unreal, proprietary games engines, or window.ethereum for browser based games. Developers who prefer a no-code solution can leverage simple SDKs for both the Unreal and Unity game engines.

Unlike legacy game stores, HyperPlay aggregates other game stores like Epic Games, GOG, and Amazon Prime Gaming bringing the largest library and game discovery to players.

Free from OS siloes, HyperPlay is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux and enables Windows games to be played on Mac and Linux. Browser-based games and dapps are supported too, and receive graphics card acceleration and our overlay when played through the HyperPlay app.


As an integral part of our dynamic team, the Executive Assistant will be entrusted with a diverse range of responsibilities to ensure seamless operations.

Key responsibilities include:

Communications Acceleration:

  • Be extremely adept at fielding communications from diverse communication channels.

  • Be a master of organizing Telegram folders, email, Discord, and other communication mediums.

  • Review messages and communications, and surface important conversations while cutting through noise and distractions.

Scheduling Mastery:

  • Coordinate internal and external meetings for the CEO with very tight calendars, giving meticulous attention to worldwide time zones and their effects on our distributed team.

  • Develop and maintain an understanding of the CEO calendaring guidelines and preferences in a way that supports his needs;

  • Be the sole point of contact for internal and external requests to schedule meetings with our team members.

  • Proactively maintain all calendar events to resolve any double bookings or other scheduling conflicts that may arise.

  • Remain aware of organizational happenings and how they may affect calendar events, and provide advance recommendations to reschedule or shift items to accommodate shifting priorities and sprints.

  • Strategic calendar management to ensure that the CEO can make the best use of their preferred working hours in his time zone.

  • Maintain a schedule of recurring teamwide meetings.

  • Collaborate with task reminders and follow-ups with internal and external people.

Confidentiality and Collaboration:

  • Handle confidential and sensitive information with discretion.

  • Ability and excitement to interact and collaborate with our team members and partners representing many different cultures and personalities.

  • Communicate professionally with team members at all levels of the organization, and its partners and stakeholders.

Your craft

We are seeking an individual with the following experience:

Detail-Oriented Professional:

  • High level of detail and accuracy in managing complex calendars.

  • Analytic approach and ability to plan strategically and think ahead.

Exceptional Communication Skills:

  • Proficiently communicate with leadership and stakeholders across various levels.

Global Acumen:

  • Experience with worldwide calendaring and coordination.


  • Ability to thrive in a fully distributed team environment.

The ideal candidate will have a proven track record experience, or interest in:

  • Web3, blockchain, technology, or startups

  • Successful management of high-volume calendars for high level executives.

  • Collaboration with diverse teams, particularly in a distributed work setting.

  • Handling of confidential and sensitive information with the utmost discretion.

If you are a highly organized and adaptable professional with the skills and experience outlined above, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

If you think you have valuable experience to bring to the organization, but don’t necessarily meet all of the criteria for the role, we still want to hear from you. We consider all applications.

Why work with us?

We promise a culture of flexibility, autonomy, and the freedom to contribute to the wider Web3 ecosystem.

Also: a fully remote working environment. Our compensation packages reflect the experience and value you bring to the organization and individual projects.

  • Crypto or FIAT monthly fee payment.

  • Work Supplies, HW & Home Office Equipment

  • Co-working space or home office-related expenses

  • Any learning or education materials related to work

  • Travel-related expenses that are related to work

  • Any expenses related to food and entertainment for work

  • Any expenses related to both physical or mental health and well-being

We’re committed to fostering a progressive work environment that’s centered on forgiveness, empathy, belonging, and psychological well-being. Game7 is an equal opportunities workplace that doesn’t discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age disability, veteran status, genetic information, marital status, or any other legally protected status.

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