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QA Engineer

Our mission:

Modern applications are complex. We are building a Serverless Postgres Platform that augments PostgreSQL with the functionality modern applications need to evolve and scale.

In every feature we build, we optimize for a developer experience that will ultimately reduce our customers time to market or dramatically simplify hard architectural problems at scale. Our application is highly intuitive and is great for data collaboration with the entire team.

At Xata, we are rethinking what a database is responsible for and redefining the status quo.

What we’re building at Xata:

We’re building a modern cloud database on top of Postgres. Our product vision:

  • A PostgreSQL database

  • Full-text search and analytics

  • File storage

  • AI: APIs that invoke an LLM that operates on your data, embeddings

  • A great UI to see and edit your data, share a view of a table with a colleague.

  • The best developer experience: with git workflows and preview ‘database branches’

  • Solve pain points like zero downtime migrations

What you'll be doing:

Our engineering teams use Go for the backend and React for the frontend. This position will be closely collaborating with these two teams.

  • Establish a performance and load-testing framework for our services (e.g. search API), to test new features and catch potential introduced regressions.

  • Battle-test new and refactored features before we roll them out to our users. Help define acceptance criteria.

  • Create and maintain automated test suites for our WebUI.

  • Take ownership of validating end-to-end the correctness of our integrations, e.g. GitHub, CSV, Vercel, and more.

  • Partake in customer incidents and ensure we augment our regression tests with the learned outcomes.

About you:

We’re looking for a QA Engineer who can hit the ground running in: 

  • Experience with PostgreSQL or another relational database and ORMs.

  • Self-starter that can take ownership of defining the practices and setting up the necessary services & tooling.

  • Ability to write test code in JavaScript/TypeScript and Go.

Nice to haves

  • Strong experience with Playwright

Working at Xata:

  • We’re stable. We raised $35M and have years of runway.

  • We're remote first. We don’t track hours and we don’t count PRs.

  • Xata is engineer-led. We build developer tooling, so we trust our engineers to shape our products, and at our core we're a hardcore cloud infrastructure company.

  • Our team is experienced. Before Xata, our founder, Monica Sarbu, created a popular open-source software that Elastic acquired.

  • We work asynchronously. We don’t do agile, the team meets weekly to check-in and then we use Github, Notion and Slack.

  • Our engineers typically attend <5 hours of scheduled meetings per week, the rest of the time is spent on project work.

  • You'll have autonomy. If someone has an idea or wants to change something - they’ll put up a PR.

  • We are community-driven and deeply care about the success of our users and customers.

  • Our team is diverse. We're a team of 26 people from around the world.

  • Xata is female-founded and the first developer platform to have an all-female board of directors.

What we offer all of our employees:

  • Competitive salary and stock options.

  • Friendly, diverse and inclusive work environment

  • 30 vacation days (not including local public holidays).

  • 2 months full paid parental leave.

  • Flexibility, autonomy and impact

  • Home office set-up budget + co-working space stipend

  • We support continuous learning with budgets for conferences, courses and books.

  • Healthcare.

  • 2 company offsites per year, with partners and kids welcome as well. So far we’ve been to Italy, Greece, Spain.

  • Ample opportunity and support for career development and impact, there’s no boundaries to your growth here at Xata.

Our investors:

Xata is well-financed by amazing investors, including Guillermo Rauch (founder of Vercel), Shay Banon (co-founder and CEO of Elastic), Neha Narkhede (founder of Confluent), Elad Gil, Christian Bach, and Mathias Biilmann (founders of Netlify), and many others.

We raised a $30 million Series A from top investors (Index Ventures and Redpoint), having the first ever 100% female board for such a technical company.

We care about diversity in tech:

If you come from an underrepresented background in tech, we strongly encourage you to apply. We strongly believe that our success is driven by the talented and diverse team brought together from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and countries. We are always challenging ourselves to build an inclusive culture that allows us to build innovative and successful products.

Our founder, Monica Sarbu, has also founded a non-profit organisation called Tupu that helps tech companies support diversity in tech through mentorship.

We're eager to hear from you and if you decide to apply, we're rooting for you!

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Developer / Engineer jobs