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Manager, Social Media

The Manager of Social Media will be CodePath’s first in-house hire for social media. The Manager will develop and coordinate CodePath’s overall social media presence as well as execute campaigns and offerings. This role will be responsible for all social media decisions across the organization to drive student recruitment, employer and donor engagement, as well as building out partner campaigns with some of CodePath’s partners (Google, Salesforce, etc.). This individual should be strategic, creative, and comfortable working across all levels of the organization. 

The ideal candidate should have a thorough knowledge of and comfort with various social media platforms. The candidate should have an understanding of best practices and the various toolsets and features each platform offers. With a high degree of autonomy and ownership, the position will optimize content delivery strategies –developing content tailored to each platform, collaborating with in-house and external creative teams, targeting specific audiences, measuring key metrics and optimizing campaign performance, and assisting with overall editorial decisions. This position will work cross-functionally to build out social campaigns across all organization priorities.

What You’ll Do

  • Develop an engaging organic online presence tailored to CodePath’s multiple audiences: engineers, donors, employers, students, and the general public 

  • Manage all content development and posting across CodePath’s social media channels

  • Collaborate with internal teams and external stakeholders to grow CodePath’s following, online presence, and brand awareness through social media

  • Generate innovative social engagement opportunities prior to, during, and after in-person events (Company-led, Partner-led, and third-party)

  • Be an advocate for CodePath’s brand on social: identifying risks, taking advantage of social media trends, and amplifying CodePath’s reach/credibility

  • Identify key targets, influencers, and other audience segments to expand social presence and results

  • Develop internal digital communications channels to promote Partner marketing activities to internal teams

  • Develop partner engagement strategies to amplify CodePath’s most vital partnerships (i.e. tech companies, donors, conferences, corporate programs etc. )

  • Provide regular reporting, insights and recommendations to team members and the Senior Leadership Team

  • Develop event and campaign social media playbooks to be repeated, improved upon, and adapted

  • Collaborate on thought leadership opportunities for founders and other key executives

  • Oversee creative content production (videos, graphics, etc.) with external vendors

  • Develop internal content generation processes, such as instructing team members on types of content to capture, brainstorming how to maximize event coverage, etc.

  • Keep a pulse on social media trends and opportunities and respond quickly and thoughtfully through CodePath’s channels

  • Collaborate with external agency to align organic strategy with paid social assets & activity

Must Haves

  • 5+ years of social media experience in a combination of B2C and/or B2B technology space

  • Experience marketing to engineer, technology, and general audiences

  • Deep experience in developing organic social campaigns using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other channels 

  • Proven experience in building social media strategies, deploying successful campaigns, and cultivating audiences

  • Strong skills in copywriting and digital marketing

  • Demonstrated efficiency in cross-functional collaboration by managing multiple initiatives, vendors, and other key players as part of the social media practice

  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to provide deep insights

  • Effective interpersonal skills and excellent oral/written presentation skills

  • Working knowledge of a variety of social media tools, community platforms, and measurement, advocacy, and training/education platforms

  • Experience creating graphics via Figma, Canva, Photoshop, etc.

  • Experience working effectively in a fast-paced environment. CodePath operates more as a tech startup than a traditional nonprofit. 

  • Strong organizational skills and ability to meet high standards for quality and accuracy

  • Focused attention to detail and ability to multitask, handling multiple complex, multi-phase projects at different stages


  • Familiarity with Sprout Social

  • Familiarity with video editing tools such as Premiere Pro, CapCut, Final Cut Pro, etc.

  • Fluency in Spanish 

Pay range

$80,000—$100,000 USD


We are committed to professional growth and fulfillment at work. Benefits include:

  • Medical insurance with dental and vision.

  • Generous time off with a flexible workplace and work schedule.

  • A commitment to developing leaders from within the organization.

  • Frequent opportunities to connect with students, universities, and communities we serve.

  • Opportunities to engage, collaborate and partner with top technology companies, venture capitalists, and engineering leaders

About the Current Team

We are individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, and unlikely stories, all connected by a single dream: a world in which regardless of background, socioeconomic status, gender, or race all people have pathways to reach their full potential.

With a staff and board that cares deeply about diversity and equity, we believe that diverse perspectives and backgrounds create a richer work environment and enhance our ability to pursue our mission.

Note: Research suggests that women and BIPOC individuals may self-select out of opportunities if they don’t meet 100% of the job requirements. We encourage individuals who believe they have the skills necessary to thrive at CodePath to apply for this role.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Marketing jobs