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Talent Acquisition Manager

☎ Community Phone

Community Phone’s simple mission is to make the phone more powerful, one call at a time. Our customers include tens of thousands of small businesses and consumers. They choose us because we are the only reliable and flexible desk phone provider on the market. And because our customer support is unmatched. Magic begins when our customers (literally) plug in their phones – our business customers hit growth milestones and our consumers connect with their family members seamlessly.

As a Y-Combinator graduate, we’ve achieved product market fit and are growing our team, which is spread across 15 countries and even more time zones.

🌟 About the role

As a pivotal member of our dynamic team, the Talent Acquisition Manager plays a crucial role in driving our growth and success by sourcing, attracting, and retaining top-tier talent. You’ll spearhead the end-to-end recruitment process, from developing innovative sourcing strategies to conducting interviews and negotiating offers. Reporting to the CEO and collaborating closely with department heads, you understand our evolving needs and culture, ensuring we bring in individuals who not only excel in their roles, but also align with our values and vision. This role offers a unique opportunity to shape the future of the organization by building a talented, diverse and high performing team that drives impact and fuels our journey towards excellence. 

🚀 You will…

  • Develop and implement creative sourcing strategies to attract top talent across various channels, including job boards, social media, networking events, and industry partnerships. 

  • Utilize a strong technical sourcing background to effectively identify, engage, and recruit engineers and product professionals who possess the skills and expertise needed to drive our technology and product development initiatives. 

  • Conduct thorough candidate assessments, including resume screening and virtual interviews to evaluate candidates’ qualifications, skills, and what they would add to the culture.

  • Build strong relationships with hiring managers to understand their staffing needs, provide guidance on hiring best practices and ensure a smooth recruitment process. 

  • Collaborate with the Leadership Team to define job descriptions, compensation packages, and hiring plans that align with the business objectives and growth targets. 

  • Manager the candidate experience from application to onboarding, ensuring a positive and seamless journey for all candidates. 

  • Stay informed about industry trends, best practices, and unique recruitment techniques to continuously improve our talent acquisition processes. 

  • Utilize data to track recruitment stats, analyze hiring trends, and provide insights to inform decision-making and optimize recruitment strategies. 

🏆 You are…

  • An experienced and well rounded TA Manager with a proven track record, particularly for engineering and product roles, within start-ups. You’ve hired for entry-level roles up to VPs and beyond with an emphasis on bringing in the right people at the right time.  

  • Scrappy and think outside the box when it comes to sourcing candidates. We all know LinkedIn is a great resource, but what else do you leverage?

  • Thrive in an autonomous environment and are opinionated in what you do. You bring unique perspectives and aren’t scared to try something new or push back on hiring managers.  

  • Analytical, evaluating the health of your pipelines based on funnel metrics rather than feelings.

  • Curious and thoughtful, really wanting to understand the hiring manager/team's needs during the intake process and recalibrating throughout to ensure we bring on A-players. 

  • Hungry and have a strong vision, ensuring we are tracking and measuring each stage of the funnel, getting candidates through the process in a timely manner. 

💙 Community Phone Culture

Community Phone has a customer-obsessed culture. We are looking for team members who love our product and mission and see the remote first environment as a bonus. 

Beyond the job description, here are some traits members of our team share:

We value Curiosity and learning in our employees. We promote open-mindedness, embrace mistakes, and encourage challenging questions for personal growth. We create a culture of continuous learning to empower our team to tackle challenges and excel in their roles.

Efficiency in everything. We operate lean, optimizing resources to improve our products and deliver a world-class customer experience. We prioritize value over excess, embodying a scrappy and resourceful spirit to achieve our mission and values.

We prioritize taking decisive action over deliberation, recognizing that building a world-class product requires pushing personal limits and taking risks. We believe that a Bias Toward Action is essential for achieving our goals and delivering exceptional results to our customers.

We strive for Transparency and prioritize open, Direct communication. This helps us resolve issues quickly and build strong relationships with our stakeholders.

We take our work seriously and see it as a reflection of who we are. We're always looking for ways to improve and are open to feedback. We approach our work with a sense of ownership and a desire to deliver the best possible results. By embodying a Founder Mindset, we're able to achieve our goals and create exceptional products.

We value a Caring Mentality. Our customers come first, and we collaborate to provide exceptional service. We prioritize teamwork over personal accolades, fostering a customer-focused culture that drives our success and promotes a supportive work environment.

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Join our team and help us lead the market with delightful customer experiences and a supportive, collaborative work environment. If our values resonate with you, we would love to have you on board!

Our salary range for this role is $85,000 - $115,000/year. Total compensation is based on several factors that are unique to each candidate. These factors include (but are not limited to) job-related knowledge and skill set, depth of experience, certifications and/or degrees, and specific work location.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote HR / Recruiter jobs