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What’s Edit Crew about?

We're a remote-first video editing company focused on being a reliable outsourced team for businesses needing video content on a consistent basis. The problem that we're most excited about solving is giving our clients a more flexible, streamlined, and cost-effective alternative to hiring a freelancer or in-house employee.

This matters because simultaneously hitting deadlines, project managing, and bringing in sales is difficult. For a company creating lots of content attempting this all by themselves is to risk wasting time and money that could be used to grow and improve their business.

Yet, to not build a team around in-house content creation staff is to risk burnout and underperformance. Consistently creating video content, and doing it well, is more than one person’s full-time job.

In a nutshell, that’s why we exist. By focusing on sourcing high-integrity, skillful editors and streamlining the video editing workflow, we’re able to help serious businesses offload the video editing process so they can focus on bigger things. 

What’s the mission?

As the President, your primary role is to ensure Edit Crew operates smoothly and profitably on a day-to-day basis so that the long-term plan can be executed, resulting in revenue doubling in the next 1-1.5 years, and ultimately resulting in continuous long-term growth. We feel this is possible given our 200% YoY growth and existing $1.5M+ ARR.

This primarily means being responsible for:

  • Finances and forecasts

  • Spearheading marketing and growth efforts

  • Keeping the leadership team on the same page and accountable to their metrics.

  • The well-being of the staff at the company.

But most importantly, an eye towards reaching the goal of doubling within 1-1.5 years.

This is a remote position that is results focused. While the team is committed and talented, we lack the experience of scaling our agency to multiple-seven figures. We want someone who has been there and done that to execute your playbook efficiently without making the mistakes that we would otherwise make. Ensuring maximum clarity in the leadership team to ensure everybody is moving in the same direction harmoniously is of the utmost importance.

In return for this, you'll receive competitive base pay starting at $90k-$110k per year as well as the opportunity for bonuses tied to your ability to grow the company profitably, with full autonomy to make decisions without the regular involvement of the founder. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for somebody with the following experience:

  • Was a C-suite executive, upper manager, or similar role of an online service-based business that scaled from $1M+ to mid-seven figures.

We’re looking for somebody with these skill sets:

Ability to build a pipeline that consistently attracts high-quality prospects

  • You must have 2+ years experience in attracting qualified leads for an online service agency

Financially literate

  • P&L responsibility means you need to understand how to drive profit while balancing growth and expenses. You plan, budget, and forecast so the leadership team is on the same page.

Sales management ability 

  • 2+ years of sales or sales team management experience. We have salespeople who do the actual selling so it's your responsibility to manage. 

Organized and proactive planning

  • Keeping a close eye on growth projections is vital for this role, as marketing efforts, hiring pipeline, and org chart adjustments will need to be made at various stages of growth. 

Culture and management ability

  • 2+ years of remote team management experience with minimal resignations at a remote agency that scaled from $1M to mid-seven figures. 

Metrics and results-driven

  • You believe in establishing and tracking metrics as leading indicators to deliver results.

Great at diagnosing and prioritizing situations and bottlenecks

  • You don’t need to know the solution to everything (you can hire for that), but you can confidently identify which problems to manage first.

HR and hiring

  •  2+ years of hiring experience for mid-to-upper level staff for online agencies as well as org chart management based on company goals.

Results-oriented executor

  • You care about getting things done that drive results, not just taking action.

Detail oriented

  • You believe the devil is in the details and are happy to go through the weeds to fix a problem when necessary.

Systematic management style

  • You enjoy keeping people accountable to their targets and assigned tasks.

What You’ll Do?

Manage our paid ads pipeline and expand marketing efforts

  • Ensure unit economics profitability.

  • Either create content/ads yourself or hire the right talent to do so.

  • Continue to innovate our marketing strategy in an ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Oversight of day-to-day operations

  • Lead and manage the onboarding of upper-level and unique hires.

  • Ensuring quality work is done on time while balancing capacity needs as the company grows.

Own the P&L

  • Building forecasts that everybody agrees on.

  • Manage finances to ensure profitability. 

Keep the leadership team accountable to their forecasted metrics and numbers 

  • Keep the team accountable on a weekly basis in order to ensure KPI targets are being met and projects are on track.

Establish and manage staff career track and expectations 

  • Illustrate a clear career path and ending for staff at Edit Crew.

Manage an “operating system” that the leadership team works from 

  • Shared vision, goals, and to-do lists.

  • Shared method to track metrics and projects. 

Optimize existing products for better financial and work margins

  • Re-engineer and innovate on product and economics where necessary.

  • Help the team to deliver high-quality work with less input and better margins.

Mediate and manage issues when they arise 

  • Be ready to manage emergencies with clients or staff gracefully when they inevitably arise.

Build out Edit Crew’s people, processes, and technology stack

  • Identify and exploit opportunities to streamline workflows for company-wide efficiency gains.

Remove obstacles and barriers 

  • Identify bottlenecks and remove them to enable staff to get work done better and faster. 

  • Build and optimize workflows for increased efficiency and/or effectiveness.

Nice to Haves

Product development 

  • While experience will be useful in the long run, we currently have two established profitable products worth doubling down on which will be your primary responsibility.


  • While at least one year of service agency work delivery experience is necessary, we have a capable Operations Manager and fulfillment teams who will ensure the smooth delivery of work, so this is less of your direct responsibility.

What do we not expect from you

Video editing ability 

  • We already have the internal capacity and expertise for this.

Focusing on fulfillment

  • We have dedicated editors and an Operations Manager who work through the day-to-day, so you aren’t expected to directly do service work.


  • We have a success manager, account managers, and creative staff who onboard new clients so you’re not expected to do this directly, merely oversee.

Customer Support

  • We have account managers who manage day-to-day inquiries from customers so you’re not expected to do this directly, merely oversee.

  • While preferred - actual technical video editing knowledge isn’t necessary. We have strong editors and managers who all have the requisite editing knowledge.

Personality and Values

Process builder over process executor

  • While you’re not expected to execute the processes, you should enjoy building processes that others can execute cleanly.

People person over introverts

  • This role requires a lot of talking and coordinating with clients and staff, given the founder and most of the team are more introverted, enjoying a high level of calls will be helpful

Existing customers focused over new customers focused

  • While attracting new customers is important, high client LTV is what grows our business so your natural tendency should be towards making existing clients happy over chasing new customers.

Staff-focused over customer focused

  • While customers matter, our company is at a scale that it’s impossible for you to manage everything. Therefore it’s important to take care of staff first and allow them to take care of customers.

Take responsibility 

  • You want to make things better. 

  • You are somebody who cares about making a difference for others. 

Deliver results 

  • You don’t make excuses. 

  • You always take pride in a job well done.


  • You can’t be everything to everyone, so you set boundaries and prioritize so you can do less to deliver better. 

  • You put the time and effort needed to get things done, but care about things beyond work and protect that. 

Seek improvement 

  • You are always trying to find ways to do things better or faster, for yourself and for others. 


  • You are the kind of person who only invests in positive-sum relationships and you would rather say no if that’s not the case. 

Edit Crew asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact Edit Crew directly.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Management and Operations jobs