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Content Specialist

We are hiring a full-time Content Specialist with a passion for both writing and research to create compelling content for niche B2B & technology industries. 

Does this sound like you?

You have experience conducting interviews with SME's, clients, and stakeholders. You also frequently use third-party research, reports, and industry content to inform your writing. Writing about subjects in the B2B technology space including enterprise software, SaaS, IT, cloud, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, telecom/wireless, digital transformation, marketing technology, and big data excites you. Additionally, you are comfortable with writing about other industries such as nonprofits on occasion.

Remote positions do not bother you and you have the emotional intelligence to be part of a team even though you are working from home. You are self-motivated and find you are at your best within a collaborative and feedback-driven environment. Most importantly, you never want to stop learning and are hungry for an opportunity to advance your marketing and content writing skills for a variety of industries.

The Day-to-Day

  • Create strategic content including blog articles, third-party articles, eBooks, key messaging, interviews, sales collateral, whitepapers, and website copy

  • Create client content strategies, plans, and messaging and client content strategy documents that frames content maps throughout the buyer's journey

  • Create messaging and content for lead/opportunity nurturing programs for both the marketing and sales funnels

  • Learn and understand Inbound Marketing methodology

  • Ability to quickly conduct research on industries and topics within the business and tech categories

  • Working closely with client stakeholders and conveying fantastic interpersonal communication skills

  • Provide thoughtful analysis of digital economies, information technology, cloud, B2B tech, and business transformation subjects

 Qualifications include

  • 1+ years of working experience in an agency, or writing experience in the following industries is required (both are a plus!): Technology, Energy, Manufacturing, B2B Healthcare, Aerospace, Industrial, and Logistics/Supply Chain.

  • Ability to provide a writing portfolio that includes professional works on business or technology subjects. 

  • Must be a kind and driven individual who is passionate about their work.

  • Strong presentation, communication, writing, editing, and research skills.

  • Strong understanding of technology, digital, and business subjects.

  • Willing to learn the core concepts of Inbound Marketing.

  • Must be located within the US only, and be able to work 9 am - 6 pm EST

  • Must be comfortable working in a remote environment

We need someone who is self-motivated, obsessed with learning, and inherently kind.

The ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing is imperative in order to convey inspiring stories and impactful insights to both team members and clients.

Learning & personal development for this role:

We are seeking an individual that embodies our passion for ongoing learning. We are open to candidates that may need to gain new skills for this role and will take 5-6 HubSpot and Google certifications within the first year to help with skill development. We also expect that this candidate will be open to learning and becoming a champion for Ironpaper's methodologies for marketing, sales, content, and management. Additionally, this position will require someone that will continuously learn and gain new and diverse skills over time.

To read more about what key skills successful digital marketers, marketing managers, and content marketers need, check out our blog article "Key Skills for a B2B Marketing Career."

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote SEO / Content Marketing jobs