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Digital Strategy Manager

***This is a remote position, but we are currently only able to hire within the U.S.***

Position Summary

As a Digital Strategy Manager, you have a deep knowledge of digital marketing both from a strategic and practitioner perspective, as well as being experienced and proficient in analyzing and leveraging data to support the marketing strategy. In this role, you will work closely with both our internal agency team and clients to develop and execute effective digital marketing strategies, analyze reporting, run quarterly business reviews, and lead annual strategy planning sessions. Analytical skills partnered with industry experience allow you to ideate, architect, and lead a marketing strategy that transforms business and drives revenue. You build strong partnerships grounded in trust because you are a strong communicator, a passionate problem solver, an innovative thinker, and a leader with years of experience to back up your vision. You embody our company values of being:

  • An Accountable Steward of our Client Partners

  • Collaborative & Adaptable

  • A Data Driven Creative

  • A Critical Big Picture Thinker

  • An Innovative Thought Leader

Location3 is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive company culture, and our team does not discriminate against candidates and employees because of their disability, sex, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, veteran status, or any other protected status under law. Additionally, Location3 is committed to diverse and equitable hiring practices. If you are a candidate that identifies as diverse and would like to self-identify, please let us know. Providing this information is completely voluntary.

Expected Salary - $80,000 to $95,000 annually depending on experience

Essential Job Functions:

  • Client Relationship Management: Acts as the primary point of contact for clients, establishing strong relationships with key stakeholders, including CMOs and other corporate marketing team members. Proactively communicates with clients to understand their needs, address concerns, and ensure their satisfaction throughout the engagement

  • Develops and executes Digital Marketing Strategy: Collaborates with clients to understand their business objectives and develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies that align with their goals. Implements strategic initiatives across various digital channels, including Google Ads, Meta, Programmatic DSP, SEO, and other relevant platforms.

    • Takes a leadership role in understanding and championing clients’ marketing and advertising objectives by gaining a deep knowledge of the marketplace, growth plan, brand strategy, products and services, competition, organizational structure, and internal processes.

    • Ability to conduct in-depth market and industry research as part of the discovery and quarterly/annual planning processes

    • Partners with clients as a trusted advisor to make bold decisions that span marketing and technology to drive change and growth.

    • Works to identify new opportunities, drive continual innovation, and lead strategic thinking that meets clients’ needs and grows their marketing programs which, in turn, drives revenue for Location3.

    • Ability to story-tell and effectively sell-in new marketing initiatives.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Utilizes advanced digital marketing analytics tools such as Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and other platforms to analyze campaign performance, track KPIs, and generate actionable insights. Prepares comprehensive reports and presents findings to clients, providing strategic recommendations for optimization and improvement.

  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) and Annual Strategy Planning: Leads quarterly business review meetings with clients, assessing campaign performance, discussing results, and identifying areas for growth and improvement. Leads annual strategy planning sessions to align marketing initiatives with business objectives, ensuring long-term success.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Develops customer journey maps and implements creative funnels and sequencing strategies to enhance user experience and maximize conversions. Builds and manages A/B/multivariate testing programs for creative assets and landing page UX, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize performance.

  • Budget Forecasting: Works closely with clients to forecast and manage digital marketing budgets effectively. Monitors spending and allocates resources strategically to achieve maximum ROI.

Essential Job Requirements:

  • 5+ years of proven digital marketing experience working to plan, launch, and analyze cross-channel campaigns including paid search, display, programmatic, social media, and SEO

    • Experience within franchise and multi-location space is preferred

  • 5+ years of proven experience directly managing client relationships, including ownership of performance KPIs and reporting

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience managing ad campaigns in platforms such as Google Ads, Meta, LinkedIn, and Programmatic DSP

    • Experience in Paid Search, Paid Social, and Shopping campaigns preferred

  • Track record of collaborating with CMOs and other corporate marketing team members to achieve marketing goals.

  • 3+ years of expertise in digital marketing analytics, including proficiency in tools such as Google Analytics 4 (GA4), attribution modeling, and budget forecasting

  • Experience with analyzing and interpreting Power BI marketing reports and visualizations and developing data-driven marketing recommendations.

  • Knowledge of unified measurement approaches, including Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) and Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), and the ability to leverage these methodologies to provide comprehensive insights on campaign performance and ROI.

  • Clear understanding of Martech and how technology platforms such as CRM, ad tech, CDP, and Marketing Automation can be integrated for interoperability.

  • Demonstrated experience in full-funnel marketing strategies, encompassing customer journey mapping, creative funnels, and sequencing.

  • Proven expertise in developing and managing A/B/multivariate testing programs for creative assets and landing page UX.

  • Comprehensive understanding of SEO best practices and proven success in optimizing both corporate and local SEO efforts.

  • In-depth understanding of the evolving digital landscape, including knowledge of privacy regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and ad platform policy restrictions.

  • Familiarity with cookieless targeting and measurement strategies, keeping up to date with industry trends and best practices for effective targeting and measurement in a post-cookie era.

  • Strong critical thinking skills, ability to think quickly and work autonomously.

  • Gifted communicator and presenter with storytelling experience.

  • Outstanding organizational skills, some project management skills preferred.

  • Fosters a culture of trust, transparency and teamwork both internally and externally.

  • Ability to effectively manage and nurture a team of 1 or more people.

  • Up to 25% travel within the continental US.

About Us

Creative Thinkers, Data Geeks & Digital Enthusiasts - Location3 Media is a digital marketing company built to improve the findability and performance of consumer and retail brands through enterprise-level and local digital marketing solutions. Founded in 1999 and located in the heart of Denver, Location3 has a staff of 60+ full-time employees who service global, national, and local brands. More than half of Location3's client base has worked with the agency for at least three years, as Location3 improves the findability and performance of every client they partner with.

Why Us?

Location3 is looking for passionate people with innovative thinking who want to work with a performance-driven team. We emphasize working hard to bring our clients the results they seek and celebrating those wins together in a positive and fun work environment. We offer the benefit of being a remote work organization, but we also strongly believe that collaboration is key to driving outcomes. Our company culture, our ongoing education and training programs, and our technology infrastructure all contribute to that goal. We also believe that bonding is equally important - whether it's in-person or over Zoom. We have dedicated annual company events like golf day, ski day, and monthly events like town halls, team happy hours, team trivia, and team cooking demonstrations that help to create synergy among colleagues and teams. On top of working and playing hard together, we also offer a very competitive benefits package, complete with medical, dental, vision, matching 401K, a wellbeing stipend, every other Friday off, every other half Wednesday off, remote work equipment, and more.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Marketing jobs