Rockstar Sales & Recruiter Associate Needed!

  • 📅 Currently Hiring For: Sales and Recruiter Associate

  • 💰 $1000-1500 per month (combo of base + bonus)

  • 🗣 English fluency for phone calls and email support is required

  • ⏲ Full-time. Working between 8AM-5PM PST (Los Angeles standard time)

  • 💡 Long-term Hire (this is not a short-term project)

  • 🗺  Remote work!


"Who is MaidThis Cleaning?" The most kick-ass cleaning company in the entire world.

“Cleaning, like house cleaning? Seriously?” Yup that’s what we do and we’re pretty awesome at it.

We’re based in sunny Los Angeles, California but our operations team works completely remotely….we have team members in California, Honduras, Jamaica, Venezuela, South Africa, and India at the moment. We do regular residential and vacation rental cleaning in multiple cities in California and are expanding across the U.S. with our franchise operations.


You are a born hustler - you work hard and don’t need to be told what to do!

You’re a hunter and love chasing sales, closing deals, and making customers happy.

You’re not afraid to cold call to generate business yourself to make sure everyone hits the team goals!

You’re a reliable and people-oriented individual who is looking to work remotely and grow within the company. If you tell a customer you will call back, you will 100% do it on time.

You HATE when people do the bare minimum or don’t pull their weight.

You have great English, both verbal and written, and are a joy to speak to on the phone.

You know how to calm people down and can handle customer complaints.

You are hungry to grow and can make decisions on your own, if you are given guidance, and don’t need someone to watch over you.


We’re not big on official titles….the Founder of our company’s title is “Head Janitor” and our head sales guy is “Head Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser”. If we had to put a title to this role, it would be “Sales Associate”.

You'll be joining the Sales Team. Your responsibilities will be the following:

  1. INBOUND CALLS: people will call to ask about our cleaning services. You will be playful and fun on the phone. You'll answer the questions and successfully schedule a cleaning for the customer.

  2. FOLLOW UP: You will call these customers one day after the cleaning to see how it is. You will address any complaints immediately, and follow a script.

  3. COMPLAINTS: You will call any customers with complaints and come to a resolution within 48 hours.

  4. OUTBOUND CALLS: You will cold call businesses to build a relationship and see if they need cleanings!

  5. TRACKING: You will keep track of the candidate pipeline and ensure timely follow-ups.

  6. LEAD RECRUITMENT: You will maintain a steady flow of A-rated candidates; manage onboarding, schedule and organize interviews.


Some things we’re looking for…

  • You MUST have very strong WiFi and a quiet place to take calls

  • Perfect English speaking is a must

  • Desire to "close the sale" must be there. You'll be fielding inbound calls, and you should WANT to be awesome and get more sales (versus being passive or indifferent)

  • You must be super organized and very on top of to-dos (this one is big)

  • This is a long-term position. You’ll take 1-2 months to fully ramp up, so you should only apply if you’re looking to join a company long-term.

  • You must be VERY reliable. Showing up on time, since the team is dependent on you!

  • You must have the ability to think on your feet/make decisions yourself

  • We’re a pretty goofy bunch so a good sense of humor is a huge plus :)

If you’d like to join our team please click Apply below and include this statement at the beginning of your application: “My favorite food is ______" (fill out what is your favorite food of course!). If you do not do this, we will not consider your application.

We look forward to “meeting” you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial or test period? About how long?
Yup! We have a 3 month trial period, which is fully paid of course.

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