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Tech Wizard 🧙 (aka Tech Support)


"Who is MaidThis Cleaning?" The most kick-ass cleaning franchise in the entire world.

“Cleaning, like house cleaning? Seriously?” Yup that’s what we do and we’re pretty awesome at it.

We’re based in sunny Los Angeles, California but our operations team works completely remotely....we have team members in California, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa, and India at the moment.

We have multiple franchisees across the U.S., and are now looking for an awesome &

dynamic business-minded Franchise Tech Support Specialist (that’s you!) to work

directly with our franchisees to help them achieve their individual and company goals.

Job Summary

We’re not big on official titles... the Founder of our company’s title is “Head Janitor”, and our head sales guy is “Head Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser.”

If we had to put a title to this role, it would be “Tech Wizard”.

As a Tech Wizard, your primary role is to onboard new franchisees and provide ongoing technical support and maintenance for them!

You'll be an essential bridge between our franchisees and the MaidThis Home Office.

You’ll be in charge of providing ongoing support, as well as rolling out improvements

made by Corporate to all franchisee accounts.

Some Details

  • Position Location: 100% Remote! Sip mai tais while working (not too many though...)

  • Employment Status: Permanent Full-time

  • Travel: None

  • Compensation: Competitive (details to be discussed)

Why join MaidThis

  • Our business model helps people achieve their dream of financial, location, and time freedom.

  • Servant leadership culture that serves, supports, and empowers all team members with a keen sense of loyalty and inclusion.

  • Fully remote - you’ll be on during set business hours, but you can work from anywhere in the world!

  • Opportunity for MASSIVE career growth.

As the Franchise Tech Wizard, you will be responsible for...

  • Assisting in setting up tools and technical aspects for new franchisees.

  • Coordinating with vendors to ensure seamless franchisee launch readiness, as well as ongoing maintenance and improvements.

  • Providing ongoing tech support, and resolving issues efficiently.

  • Conducting periodic audits of franchise software and tools for compliance and efficiency.

  • Working closely with Corporate to ensure improvements across all franchises.

  • Training and coaching franchisees in how to use their tech stack.

  • Keeping all technical documentation up-to-date, ensuring that franchisees have access to the latest information and guidelines.

  • Monitoring the performance of the tech setups across franchises and preparing reports for corporate management.

The Must Haves...

  • Proficiency in software systems.

  • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.

  • Strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders and vendors.

  • Strong analytical skills for monitoring tech performance and creating reports.

  • Adept in maintaining and updating technical documentation.

  • Committed to continuous learning and adapting to the technology landscape.

It is an Asset to Have ...

  • Experience managing CRM systems (we use HighLevel).

  • Experience in performing technology audits and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Expertise in training and guiding others on technological tools and systems.

Characteristics for success...

You are an ideal candidate if you are a tech-savvy, solution-focused self-starter, able to collaborate and support our diverse team and franchisees. Your role as a servant leader in our remote environment requires a strong sense of initiative, exceptional organizational skills, and the ability to multitask effectively. Critical thinking and proactive problem-solving are key, ensuring you always follow through on commitments. If you were nodding your head and smiling while reading this application, this position is likely made for you.

Include this statement at the beginning of your application: “My favorite movie is

______" (fill out what is your favorite movie of course!). If you do not do this, we will not consider your application ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

When would you like the new hire to start?
We are eager to onboard the right person as soon as possible!
What are some perks and benefits of the job?
Competitive Compensation: We offer competitive pay to reward your hard work and dedication. Opportunities for Growth: At MaidThis, we believe in fostering personal and professional growth, and providing opportunities for advancement within the company. Supportive Team: Supportive Team: You'll be part of a friendly and collaborative team that values your contributions. Location Freedom: Enjoy the flexibility of working remotely wherever you want to be.
Is this a contractor (1099) or employee (W2) position?
This position is for an independent contractor.
Is there a trial or test period? About how long?
Yes, there is a trial period lasting approximately one month. During this period, you will be tasked with learning the systems, providing support, and having the opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Are there set hours I need to be working during the day?
Most of your work will occur during East US hours, with some flexibility. Please plan to have at least a 5-6 hour overlap with the East team each day.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Technical Support jobs