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Growth Marketing Specialist

Ever been in a really good Email Sequence that just delights you to scroll further? Do you rewind a good sales video to find out the hooks used? 

Or do you frequently make screenshots of Landing Pages that you want for your Swipe File? Then you know the Power of a really good Marketing Funnel. 

You are in one right now, as we are looking if you move down further on this page to apply to our new role. 

But do you have what it takes? 

We are seeking a talented and experienced individual to join our team. If you're passionate about Growth Marketing, focused around creating high-converting funnels, love analyzing data to improve funnel performance, and are constantly looking for ways to optimize and innovate, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you. As our Growth Marketing Specialist, you'll be responsible for designing, building, and implementing effective funnels that drive conversions and revenue. Join us and put your funnel-hacking skills to work in a dynamic and exciting environment. 

Who we are 

MeasureSchool was founded by Julian Juenemann, a Digital Analytics geek, Technical Marketer, and YouTuber in 2015. It has since grown to a small but tight-knit team of 7. 

We pride ourselves on being the prime destination for 160k+ marketers passionate about learning tracking, analytics, and technical marketing skills. 

Our passion is to educate and train marketers to become a better version of themselves by using data & analytics to make better decisions. We want to give every business the data they deserve. So far we have helped thousands of individuals & agencies build their businesses based on our teachings. 

We attribute much of our success to our company values and strive to provide a working environment that is fun, supportive, and ambitious. 

We are gearing up for another exciting year of growth. Do you want to come along for the ride? 

What is the opportunity? 

We know our products are great and have helped thousands of students to learn tracking and Digital Analytics over the years. Now we need your help to put our products in front of the right audience, at the right time with the right marketing angle. You will be working very “hands-on,” creating campaigns from scratch including product positioning, designing Landing Pages, Copywriting, Sales Funnels, and managing product launches.

As part of your work, you will be heading our marketing efforts, which will include: 

  • Planning out marketing launches for our membership, boot camps, and virtual summits 

  • Building Sales Funnels that turn prospects into customers 

  • Managing our Email Automation Campaigns to load up our audience with value

  • Coming up with creative marketing angles for our launches 

  • Project managing the construction and execution of our campaigns

  • Overseeing paid marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn

  • Keeping track and evaluating important metrics of your campaigns

  • and more… 

Do you have what it takes? 

We are not looking for formal degrees, but grit and enthusiasm. Some of what you will need for this role: 

  • A track record of successful funnel building 

  • Ability to build out funnel pages with Elementor 

  • Understanding of common Copywriting techniques 

  • A sense of adventure to try out new AI tools to speed up your workflow

  • Enthusiasm for dissecting competitors’ positioning, funnels, and marketing

  • Experience with building out best practices in Funnel architecture 

  • Ideally, experience with using Marketing Automation tools (we use ActiveCampaign)

  • Strong ability to self-organize and project manage with ClickUp 

  • Excellent written & verbal English communication skills. 

  • A thick skin to receive candid and constructive feedback with a willingness to improve and adjust 

What’s in it for you? 

At MeasureSchool we take care of our people: 

  • Competitive and fair compensation 

    We pay our staff both competitively and fairly (based on experience and contribution).

  • Fully remote team 

    Work from home, the beach, or a shared workspace. And yes, that means we are also a Covid-free environment. 

  • Lifestyle work

    In our always-online world, we know that it can be hard to disconnect. We don’t expect you to work on the weekends or after hours, because anyone who works effectively earns their time off on the weekends. 

  • Be a part of our brand 

    We do cool things and attract cool people. Get to work with cool brands and personalities like Simo Ahava, Chris Mercer, Hotjar, OptinMonster, Supermetrics, and many more. 

  • Training and development opportunities 

    Each team member has a learning plan and support (courses, events & masterminds) in place to help them grow. 

  • Paid leave & local bank holidays included 

    We recognize that performing at the highest level takes its toll. We offer generous holiday plans so that you take some time out and come back refreshed and more motivated than ever. 

  • A place where your voice is heard 

    As MeasureSchool is a small startup and not a large corporation, use as your creative outlet. If you have an idea in mind that would benefit our team or community, you can bring it to life and make it a reality! 

MeasureSchool asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact MeasureSchool directly.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Marketing jobs