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This job is closed. But you can apply to other open Business Development / Sales jobs.

Business Interest Developer

Love talking to people all day long?

Are people drawn to your likable, kind, fun, and helpful personality?

Comfortable with making 50-100 calls and emails a day?

Require very little management?

Self-starter with initiative, and not afraid to recommend ideas?

Good at taking notes?

Love learning sales and marketing?

Interested in the world of sales, content creation, franchising, restaurant business, and entrepreneurship?

You can learn more about me at

I also recommend you check out my content on and see what kind of organization you’re joining.

I’m hiring for a remote BIDer (Business Interest Developer).

The position will be low-pressure sales; and the goal is to build awareness for my company, franchise investment opportunities, and add people to our newsletter.

If there is someone interested in speaking, you’ll direct them to schedule a call with a salesperson, and help with various aspects of the sales process.

The job is relatively flexible, but you do need to be able to make calls during normal business hours in the States (and they range from Pacific Standard Time to Eastern Standard Time).

You’ll also need to be available for calls with clients, to take notes and understand new initiatives.

You’ll be using various tools, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slack, Asana,, ConvertKit, etc. Prior knowledge isn’t required, we’ll train, and perhaps there are tools and methods to use these tools even better.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Business Development / Sales jobs