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Business Development Representative

What we’re after/what could make you successful:

  • 1 year or more of B2B Biz Dev experience, preferably in SaaS, or general tech ecosystem. Emphasis on E-Commerce specific.

  • High attention to detail. {{Prospect.Name}} need not apply.

  • Creativity and a think outside the box mindset. If your motion is —> enroll prospects into mass Sequence and let it go, that’s not in our playbook.

  • Natural curiosity and a learn it all view. The Shopify/Subscription ecosystem is more complex than one assumes right off the bat. You need to learn about the entire ecosystem, not just our competitors.

  • Competitive. We want people to raise the bar for everybody else.

  • Located in USA/Canada

Why you shouldn’t join:

  • Need heavy hand holding. We don’t have 1000 employees and a kitted Sales Enablement team. There will be a lot of ambiguity.

  • You don’t pick up the phone because “cold calling is dead”

  • A perfectly defined role and responsibility list. Everybody wears all the hats. Maybe a Fedora is your normal style - but get used to a ball cap, a beanie, and even some of those interesting French hats.

Why you should join:

  • We just had our biggest month ever — yes, IN January, IN E-Commerce.

  • YCombinator backed. Skio is being built like a real tech company. Our Engineers come from top FAANG orgs, unseen in the Shopify ecosystem.

  • PMF that is ooooozing. Seriously, our product is running circles around the competition - & that’s due to our team/Eng talent.

  • Massive green space in front of us. You won’t be tied down or limited by a small or weird territory. Roam free & spread your wings.

  • Non Political environment. To quote the Backstreet Boys - “We don’t care who you are, where you’re from”.. y’know the rest. We’re here to work, not discuss our voting preferences, or the latest dividing news headline.

  • We’re fully remote. Nobody will be getting a “Return to office” memo. We don’t even have one.

If any of this sounds enticing, now's the time!

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Business Development / Sales jobs