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Brazil Social Media Designer

Sporty's sites are some of the most popular on the internet, consistently staying in Alexa's list of top websites for the countries they operate in.

We are actively seeking a talented and experienced Designer with a 360-degree approach to join our dynamic team at Sporty Group. As the Social Media Designer, you will play a vital role in creating visually captivating and engaging content for our social media platforms, primarily focusing on video and photo production. 

The ideal candidate will possess a strong portfolio that demonstrates their ability to deliver outstanding artwork and compelling visuals, with a flair for sports, especially football, and a keen awareness of current trends in football designs, memes, and internet culture.


Create engaging and visually appealing content for various social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, with a specific emphasis on football-related content

Develop pages, posts, and applications that align with the target audience's preferences, capturing their attention and driving interaction, while incorporating elements of football culture and design

Collaborate with clients and the Social Media Manager to brainstorm ideas for posts and develop corresponding graphics, visuals, and videos, leveraging football-related themes and trends

Work closely with the Social Media Manager and other professionals to develop effective campaigns on social platforms that align with the company's overall marketing objectives, infusing football-related creativity and elements into the campaigns

Establish and implement strategies to drive and increase online traffic, leveraging the power of compelling visual content, particularly in the context of football and sports

Monitor and optimize the company's website and social media pages, ensuring they are visually appealing, user-friendly, and in line with industry best practices, while reflecting the company's association with football

Measure and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the effectiveness of social media campaigns and content, providing regular reports and recommendations for improvement, taking into account the football-related audience's preferences

Conduct social media research to gather insights, stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations as well as gain a deeper understanding of the audience's needs and preferences, with a focus on football-related content and internet culture

Maintain editorial calendars, schedule posts whilst managing social media content to ensure maximum visibility and engagement incorporating timely football-related content and trends

Ensure that all online content complies with the company's image and standards, including branding guidelines, legal requirements, and aligning with the football-centric approach of the company


Fluent Portuguese speaker with excellent verbal and written communication skills in both Portuguese and English

Proven experience as a Designer, with a strong portfolio showcasing expertise in creating visually compelling video and photo content for social media, with a focus on football-related themes

Proficiency in industry-standard design software and tools such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.)

In-depth knowledge of social media platforms, their respective best practices, and the ability to adapt content to suit each platform, while incorporating football-related elements

A keen eye for aesthetics and a strong sense of visual storytelling. Must be able to create captivating visuals that resonate with the target audience, particularly in the context of football and sports

Ability to collaborate effectively with clients, team members, and stakeholders

Strong project management skills, including the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines

A creative thinker with the ability to generate innovative ideas and concepts for social media campaigns and content, with a specific focus on football-related designs, memes, and internet culture

Proactive and self-motivated, with a passion for staying up to date with the latest design trends


Quarterly and flash bonuses

Flexible working hours

Top-of-the-line equipment

Education allowance

Referral bonuses

28 days paid annual leave

Annual company retreat - we all went to Dubai together in 2022 and have 2 global retreats in planning for 2023!

Highly talented, dependable co-workers in a global, multicultural organisation

Payment via DEEL, a world class online wallet system 

Our teams are small enough for you to be impactful

Our business is globally established and successful, offering stability and security to our Team Members

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an everyday entertainment platform for everyone

Our Operating Principles

1. Create Value for Users

2. Act in the Long-Term Interests of Sporty 

3. Focus on Product Improvements & Innovation 

4. Be Responsible 

5. Preserve Integrity & Honesty 

6. Respect Confidentiality & Privacy 

7. Ensure Stability, Security & Scalability 

8. Work Hard with Passion & Pride

Working at Sporty

The top-down mentality at Sporty is high performance based, meaning we trust you to do your job with an emphasis on support to help you achieve, grow and de-block any issues when they're in your way.

Generally employees can choose their own hours, as long as they are collaborating and doing stand-ups etc. The emphasis is really on results. 

As we are a highly structured and established company we are able to offer the security and support of a global business with the allure of a startup environment. Sporty is independently managed and financed, meaning we don’t have arbitrary shareholder or VC targets to cater to. 

We literally build, spend and make decisions based on the ethos of building THE best platform of its kind. We are truly a tech company to the core and take excellent care of our Team Members.

Don't let this one get away.