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Podcast Producer

The Tropical MBA Podcast, founded in 2009, is seeking a Podcast Producer to manage every aspect of the show’s creative direction and distribution.


The Tropical MBA shares stories and concepts about how lifestyle businesses scale to 7 figures and beyond. It gained a following by featuring stories of ‘legit’ entrepreneurs - not gurus - bootstrapping and building digital businesses outside of the mainstream Silicon Valley script. 

You’ll be joining a dynamic, fully-remote team of 13, and work directly with the founders of the company.

We also run an entrepreneurial community (Dynamite Circle) that connects founders of online businesses (mostly e-commerce, SaaS, and agencies) with each other through a variety of products like Masterminds, an online forum, and events all around the world.

Our community events are unique because there are no 'gurus' or paid speakers - our goal is to attract exceptional founders to our group and have them share with each other, and increasingly, create experiences that they can participate in together (e.g., skiing, hiking, city tours).

Our company is long-standing (by internet standards) with our first event being hosted in 2011. Since that time we've hosted hundreds of events all around the world.

Our listeners use their freedom to explore a multitude of passions - travel, family, hobbies - all while building incredible business assets.

The podcast has been downloaded millions of times by listeners all around the world. The listener community is highly engaged and meets monthly in cities all around the world - from NYC to Austin to Barcelona to Bangkok and beyond.

Your role

As a producer, you will be responsible for every functional area of the podcast production and distribution process. 

Those key areas of responsibility are:

Production: Creating great podcast episodes.

  • Help us answer the fundamental question: What is interesting and useful to our audience now and why? How can we deliver on that? 

  • Conceptualize podcast concepts and topics.

  • Create detailed preparation documents for hosts.

  • Research and writing of podcast segments.

  • Guide hosts through performances and segment development.

  • Act as a listener advocate to get the best out of hosts.

  • Own guest outreach and development.

  • Prepare raw audio performance for the post-production team (transcript editing).

 Distribution: Injecting the TMBA Podcast into the conversation.

  • Create distributable content from episodes, including posts across all relevant platforms: our private forum, FB, IG, and Twitter.

  • Create, distribute, and grow our weekly newsletter.

  • Maintain strong behind-the-scenes relationships with guests and key stakeholders.

About you

  • Are high-energy and high-output. This is not a management position. You’ll cooperate with our team leads across the business (especially in community and events), work daily with me (host of the pod), and manage our sound engineer (who edits the audio and posts the podcast to our servers and website). We expect you to have a huge motor for creative output. You must be able to create prolifically without regular oversight. 

  • Have a multi-year history of storytelling via excellent writing and conceptualization of online content.

  • Looking for a career-defining opportunity to grow an established podcast to its next level of potential.

  • Passionate about the TMBA brand message and podcasting in general.

  • Have previously produced successful shows or online content.

  • Have a strong familiarity with the podcast ecosystem.

  • Willing to regularly analyze metrics and analytics of performance and pivot accordingly to meet goals.

  • You are growth focused, care about results, and have a very high business/media acumen.

  • If you are a “Creative”, great writer, researcher, or creator for online content but have limited experience with podcast production we also encourage you to apply!

About Dynamite Ventures

The Tropical MBA Podcast is operated by Dynamite Ventures. Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs who are building remarkable lifestyle businesses. We do so via our private membership, our concierge membership for 7 & 8 figure founders, events, our recruiting company, our job board, and of course, the Tropical MBA podcast, which has been produced every Thursday morning for 14 years.

Compensation and job

  • Fully remote, full-time role. 

  • Collaborative Team

  • Ability to own your work

  • Flexible work schedule and generous PTO policy. 

  • Salary based on experience.

Tropical MBA asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact Tropical MBA directly.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Multimedia Production jobs