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Senior Specialist, Sales Operations

Zipline is 100% remote and accepts applicants from Canada, US & internationally.

We’re looking for a Senior Specialist, Sales Operations to help support the Zipline sales team and drive growth. This role will be responsible for ensuring that the Sales team is set up for success and has the right tools, process, and reporting to continue to scale effectively.

Job responsibilities:

  • Partner with Sales Leadership to streamline sales processes, identifying areas of improvement, and then implementing solutions

  • Collect, analyze, and report on sales data to provide insights and recommendations for improving sales performance

  • Assist in the development of strategic outreach plans and work with the Sales team to ensure accounts are prioritized and targeted effectively

  • Collaborate with the Revenue Operations team on cross-functional projects across the organization

  • Work closely with the Director of Revenue Operations to ensure technology is aligned with business goals

  • Manage the Sales tech stack which includes tools such as Salesforce, Salesloft, Zoominfo, Gong, LeanData, and Chili Piper.

  • Enable a data-driven culture by democratizing data and ensuring data governance best practices are followed

  • Partner with Finance to calculate and update commission structures for the Sales team

Job requirements:

  • 3+ years of Salesforce CRM administration experience

  • 3+ years of Sales Operations experience

  • You are a power user of go-to-market technology and can act as a mentor to team members for tools such as Salesforce, Salesloft, Zoominfo, Gong

  • Demonstrable knowledge of sales operations best practices

  • A deep understanding of the SaaS business model

  • You have a keen attention to detail

  • You are a critical thinker and come prepared to deliver recommendations based on data

  • You have strong interpersonal skills and are a excellent verbal and written communicator

Employee Benefits

  • Stock Options

  • Paid Flexible Time Off (including time off to care for family members, as well as Sick Time)

  • Paid Parental Leave Benefit

  • Group Health Insurance (Medical, Vision, and Dental) with a variety of PPO & HMO plans and a flexible spending account

  • 401(k) Retirement Plan

  • 100% Paid Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance

The “Extras”

  • Remote Work: Join a flexible, effective remote team and work where you’re comfortable- literally anywhere! We’ve had Zipliners join us from vans, RVs, sailboats, and AirBnBs around the globe.

  • Computer accessories and office setup: There’s a science to being effective at home and we help you get there with the right equipment and accessories that you need.

  • Company off-sites: Most years we come together (IRL!). Past retreats were held in Santa Cruz, New York, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and Costa Rica.

  • Education stipends: We believe in perpetual learning! If there’s a class that you want to take or a book that will help you expand your horizons, we’ll support it, as long as it fits within our team budgets.

  • Coffee Stipend: To encourage breaks and a change of scenery, we provide a small stipend each month to get you out of the house and relax at your favorite coffee spot.

A note on our Flexible Time Off Policy - We don’t have a set number of “Days Off” at Zipline, and instead Zipliners request time off when and as they need it, under a Flexible Time Off Policy. Each request is then reviewed by your manager and a decision is made with all of the appropriate business considerations accounted for. Typically, we see Zipliners using 15-25 days per year, and it’s important to note that time off is not unlimited.

We value diversity of all kinds and are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other. We are an equal-opportunity employer and welcome people of all different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives.

Got More Time, here’s more about Zipline!

How do we work? Remotely. We have been 100% remote since the company was founded. We come together as a company every week for our Wednesdays Socials, where the topic can be a classic “Standup” format, a micro learning around burnout and mental health, followed by discussion, or a silly trivia…and anything in between! Some Fridays, we come together to learn from each other. One week it might be about opossum rescue. Another week it might be an update on our product roadmap or the results of our customer satisfaction survey. We are all expert Zoom navigators, and love the freedom of working from anywhere, using technology to connect.

With Zipline, retail employees feel more connected, understand the role they play in the brand’s mission, and can feel good about the work they’re doing. This is important to us because retail is one of America's most populous workforces but also one of the most underserved. Through Zipline, we can touch on one in four American workers whose jobs and needs are often underrepresented.

We have made incredible progress but changing the industry is hard. We are well funded by leading venture capital firms like Emergence Capital and ready to scale. We need your help to improve the way that this 4.4 trillion dollar industry communicates with its store employees. Cumbersome, slow, and inefficient systems should not be the status quo. Help us retool retail, and Keep Today on Track™ rt

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Business Development / Sales jobs