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Hiring for North American Startups in Latin America

Hiring for North American Startups in Latin America - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

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So you’re a SaaS or startup founder from North America and you’ve heard all about the Latin America (LATAM) hiring trends, how it’s a hub for remote hiring, how you can hire talent for a fraction of the price of their U.S. counterparts and save up to 70% of overhead costs, how easy it is to find great remote team members with U.S. company experience, etc. 

And it’s got you thinking about it.

But you’re still wondering how to find the right talent without spending hours sifting through irrelavent applications, conducting interviews, and still a bit on the fence about the whole LATAM bandwagon. 

Fair enough. Hiring the right team members for your startup matters. Each role is valuable and you don’t necessarily have the luxury of a mis-hire. Too much time, resources, and starting over with hiring just isn’t in the cards for you.

At Remote First Recruiting, we’ve helped many founders like you make smart hires. 300+ to get a bit more specific. They run SaaS, e-commerce, and agency startups around the globe (many in North America). Many of those hires have been in Latin America. 


Why are Startup Founders Hiring in LATAM?

  • Reduce Costs
  • Streamline Work
  • Scale Teams
  • Timezone overlap

What Kind of Talent will I Find in LATAM?

  • Speak Great English
  • Understand North American trends 
  • Experienced with U.S. companies
  • Experienced with Remote Work
  • Ambitious, driven & hungry to make a difference
  • Looking for stable, long-term work

What Kinds of Roles Can I Hire for in LATAM?

  • Business Admins (up-level your virtual assistant)

  • Operational Hires 

    • Operations Managers
    • Executive Assistants
    • Project Managers
    • Product Managers
    • Customer Success Managers
    • Customer Support Specialists
    • Email Support Specialists
    • Accountants
  • Marketing Hires

    • Marketing Specialists & Managers
    • Email Marketing Specialists
    • Paid Media (Ads) Specialists
    • SEO Specialists
    • Content Writers & Copywriters
    • Social Media & Community Managers
    • Demand Gen & Growth Marketing 
    • Graphic Designers
  • Sales Hires

    • Sales Managers
    • Account Executives
    • Sales Development Representatives
    • Business Development Representatives
    • Sales Assistants
  • Technical Hires 

    • Full Stack Developers
    • Front End Developers
    • Back End Developers
    • QA Managers
    • Data Analysts
    • DevOps
    • UX/UI Designers

How Do I Hire in Latin America?

At Remote First Recruiting, we partner with founders to help them make smart hires in Latin America. We handle 90% of the heavy lifting that comes with hiring (finalizing job descriptions, promoting the role, sifting through applications, video screening interviews) and we present the top 3-5 candidates to you. You then conduct final interviews and decide on the right fit for your team. 

We can help you as you onboard team members or we can provide contract staffing for you, and simplify the onboarding process even further.  Our services are straight forward and our goal is to help you onboard long term team members that will help your startup grow. 

At Remote First Recruiting, we pride ourselves in learning your startup’s unique culture, needs, and understanding who will fit seamlessly with your remote team. 

Check out our Case Studies and what founders say about partnering with us. 

Ready to Start Hiring in Latin America?

Strategize with our Head of Recruitment, Greg, and see how we can help you hire in Latin America in 30 days or less. 

You can book a 15-minute strategy call with us here.

-Krista & the RFR Team✌️

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