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How Founders Hire Developers for Remote Startups

How Founders Hire Developers for Remote Startups - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

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As a founder, your time is limited and you’re pulled in 20 different directions to help your startup succeed, every day. And when you’re in the middle of seed rounds, scaling teams, and re-defining your products you don’t have time to mis-hire. You need developers- top notch ones-  but where the heck do you find them? and how do you hire them? 

LinkedIn jobs is… overwhelming. Upwork worked for a while, but those freelance platforms are cutting it. You need reliable, A-Player talent. And the last thing you need is being bogged down by the applications, interview process and payroll. 

Enter contract staffing – the streamlined solution for founder-led startups looking to turbocharge their hiring process without the hassle. Here's the breakdown:

Every Founder's Dilemma:

  1. Time Crunch: Founders don't have time to waste. Every moment spent sifting through resumes and conducting interviews is a moment away from building their startup.
  2. Scaling Demands: As your startup grows, so does the need for skilled developers. But where do you find these elusive unicorns, and how do you convince them to join your team?
  3. Securing Top Talent: Finding top talent developers that understand startup culture, work well with autonomous, remote teams and stick around while you scale. That’s a tall order. Even more so if you’re on a tight budget and looking to hire outside of the U.S.. You’ve already heard that Latin America is a startup hiring hotspot - but how do you find the right talent there?!

Contract Staffing to the Rescue:

  • Proven Process, No Upfront Fees: With our contract staffing, you get the same glorious benefits of freelance contracts (aka very little overhead) AND you get the addition of these developer hire's being long term so you don’t have to turn around and hire again in 3 months. It's efficiency at its finest. In fact, it’s so convenient and reliable that we’ve helped many founders up-level from freelance platforms and secure A-Player developers for their teams. We’ve helped hire developers in Latin America, Europe and North America. 


  • Our Part: At Remote First Recruiting, we handle the heavy lifting – from strategizing and promoting your job listing to screening applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating offers, and helping you onboard your developer, so they can get to work quickly. Think of us as your hiring partner, taking care of the nitty-gritty so you can focus on the big picture. 
  • Your Role: You're in the driver's seat. Sign off on the hiring strategy, conduct the final interview, and select the perfect candidate for your team. It's your startup, and we're here to support your vision and company needs. 

The Logistics:

  • Direct Reporting: Once hired, your developer reports directly to you or your team, ensuring seamless integration into your startup's workflow.
  • Monthly Payments & Hour Tracking: We handle the logistics of paying your developer monthly and tracking their hours, so you can stay focused on growing your startup.
  • Flexible Pricing: Our monthly fee structure is tailored to the skillset of your developer, ensuring fair and transparent pricing.
  • Global Talent Pool: Our network spans the globe, with access to top-tier candidates from North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Wherever you need talent, we've got you covered.


Strategize with our expert hiring team and see how contract staffing will benefit you. 

You can book a 15-minute strategy call with us here.

-Krista & the RFR Team✌️

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