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Chief Operating Officer

About Ameelio

Ameelio is a mission-driven technology nonprofit providing telecommunication services to incarcerated individuals. Our platform - provided at no cost to the incarcerated individuals or their families and friends - powers video calls, voice calls, e-messaging with loved ones, as well as education resources such as virtual webinars, learning management system and digital learning content.

In four years, Ameelio has quickly established itself as the future of prison communication and virtual learning. Last year, we were chosen as one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies and received a New York Times Good Tech Award. Ameelio launched the nation’s first free prison video conferencing platform and is currently operating 5 states – Iowa, Colorado, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Indiana – and internationally in Karachi, Pakistan.

About the Role

2024 is shaping out to be an incredibly exciting year, as we plan to significantly increase the number of individuals we serve, launch client-requested new product features, and play an active and critical role in shaping criminal justice reform policies across the country.

As we are poised to scale in 2024, we're looking for an outstanding individual to serve as our Chief Operating Officer and lead our team. We are looking for an exceptional leader, integrator, operator, communicator, and a steward of the opportunities and challenges that we face as we grow.

As Chief Operating Officer, you will own the building of processes, systems, and operations within Ameelio, drive strategic enterprise-wide initiatives, define priorities, and lead the whole team towards our goals. You will oversee all operations, including external-facing verticals, such as implementation & client success, strategy & partnerships, sales, communication & marketing, as well as internal-facing ones, such as legal, finance, people & culture. You will work closely with the Chief Technology Officer and will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer. You will be part of Ameelio’s executive team, and also interact with the Board of Directors on fiscal and audit matters.

You will play an irreplaceable role in achieving our mission - disrupting the prison communication and education industries, and democratizing access to family connection for incarcerated individuals. We are looking for this person to start as soon as possible.

Primary Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Chief Operating Officer span many realms of operational effectiveness, excellence in delivering our products and services, financial and legal oversight, and driving organizational alignment across teams. You will work closely with the CEO to facilitate effective decision making, coordination among leadership, and critical enterprise-wide initiatives.

Act as a strategic partner with the CEO in developing and executing Ameelio's scaling strategy and driving critical organizational-wide initiatives (30%).

  • Work closely with the CEO, CTO, and across teams to develop and execute the Ameelio’s operational strategy, including defining and managing the key operational processes, systems, and tools that support the Ameelio’s growth.

  • Work across legal, finance and internal operation teams to understand critical risks. Establish processes on how we might recognize risks early and create a framework on how to properly evaluate them. Formalize effective and efficient responses.

  • Drive external and internal critical projects. Support and conceptualization and implementation of large, long-term, organization-wide initiatives. Be the “bottom liner” for these projects.

Identify and manage partnerships to solve critical challenges (15%).

  • Identify key partnerships that could help us solve the big-picture challenges, such as inadequate network infrastructure inside correctional facilities, lack of attention from political decision makers and national media outlets. Strategically leverage them to fuel long-term growth, minimize risks and open doors.

  • Be the steward of relationships with customers, board members, advisors and investors. Form alliances with key partners, as well as build and maintain strong relationships with customers and investors to support the Ameelio’s growth.

Manages the organization's budget, financial, legal and governance process and structure (30%).

  • Manage the Ameelio’s budget and financial forecasts, as well as identify and pursue fundraising opportunities to support growth.

  • Serve as the primary liaison with accounting firms for bookkeeping needs, ensuring timely and accurate financial and grant reporting to internal and external stakeholders. Overseeing the annual audit process.

  • Serve as the primary liaison with inside and outside legal counsel and representation in front of state and federal stakeholders.

  • Oversee organizational processes, documentation, records and policies (e.g. organizational insurance policies, health coverage, tax registrations, etc.)

  • Manage the day-to-day operations, including overseeing the execution of key processes and ensuring that they are aligned with the strategic goals. Find places where efficiency and effectiveness can be improved.

Ensure that our team and our team structure best with our mission and ambition. (25%).

  • Identify gaps in team capacity and make hiring and training recommendations.

  • Oversee team performance, compensation, and benefits & implement training and development programs to support team growth and development.

  • Drive alignment, clarity and operational excellence through cross-team communication and initiatives, e.g. engineering roadmap, design priorities, sales conversations, procurement requirements, policy and regulatory priorities, and user feedback data.

  • Promote Ameelio's culture, values and mission through internal processes; Ensure that all employees are aligned with our culture and vision.

You will be a good cultural fit, if you are…

  • Naturally curious and like to think deeply.

  • Genuinely not afraid of failures and have a habit of learning from them.

  • Are capable of epistemologically distinguishing the team interests from your own, and act on behalf of the team.

  • Strongly interested in solving complex problems and finding solutions within obscure systems, structures, and frameworks.

  • Like plans and processes, but also excited to adapt to different priorities quickly.

  • Passionate about criminal justice reform - not just on the policy level, but scaling solutions and services that will ultimately deliver the services to people.

  • Eager to make an impact and willing to put in the work and humility to achieve that.

  • Are a kind human, who is generous with your time and talent.

You will be a qualified candidate, if you have…

  • Superb leadership: Demonstrated ability in providing high integrity leadership with minimum of 5 years of experience leading high-performing teams at the director and above level, ideally in a civic technology company or organization.

  • Operational excellence: Proven track record of scaling solutions, products, or organizations.

  • Budget management: Experience in managing budget and financial health, preferably in a technology company or organization.

  • Adaptability: Sound judgment and capable of navigating ambiguity and imperfect information while maintaining close attention to detail.

  • Communication Skills: Superb ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: A knack for hearing amorphous needs, rapidly empathizing, and translating those needs into concrete next steps.

  • Project Management and Collaboration: Strong project management skills, including: a bias towards action, keen analytical and problem-solving skills, and the ability to manage complex projects and multi-task.

  • Or any combination of education, experience, and measurable performance that demonstrates the capability to perform the duties of the position.

Why you’ll love us

  • A competitive salary, consistent with similar roles in other tech nonprofits in major U.S. metropolitan cities. The annual salary range for this role is $130K - $160K. At Ameelio, we always prioritize hiring the right person, and we are open to negotiate salary when there is the right fit.

  • Full health, dental and vision benefits.

  • Unlimited time-off and sick leave.

  • An employee stipend of $500 per year, supporting employees as they navigate working from home, engage in skills development or leadership training.

  • Fun company-wide retreats every year!

  • A supportive community where everyone can thrive and find a balance between working hard to make a difference and taking care of themselves. This means that we are committed to a fully remote work environment along with flexible schedules and time off policies that work with your life.

  • Excellent team members and culture. Three quotes from current team members:

    • “Ameelio team has the strongest integrity I have ever seen. We always do what we say we will do. In moments that we can’t, we take responsibility.”

    • “We can go and pick up anything!”

    • “We really do care.”

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Management and Operations jobs