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Remote Sales Representative

We at Byron are looking for an experienced Remote Sales Rep for our sister company (Byron is the talent sourcing arm of Game Time Florida). This is a remote, full-time, 1099 position on hunting & curating leads lists, sales prospecting, and cold calling target businesses in South Florida, USA. [We are trying to get a lead & deals hunter, not a true sales closer cause you won't need to close the deal.] Native American English speaking ability is necessary as this role will be mostly performed through phone calls.

Company Brief:

We offer amusement/ gaming equipment to bars, restaurants, movie theaters, convenience stores, gas stations, laundromats, hotels, fraternal organizations, and resorts at NO cost or fees to generate profit for our company and the facility as we use their space.


  • Identify bars, restaurants, movie theaters, clubs, resorts, hotels, etc. that are potential B2B customers for products like ATMs, vending machines, arcade /game machines, jukeboxes, etc., and collect valid contact information of key personnel

  • Contact and persistently work on building connections with decision-makers to explore B2B opportunities for products and qualify them for further sales-driven activities by the core team

Role specifications: 

  • We will provide you access to digital resources you may need to scrape and curate your own list of target leads that you will call on. Experience with lead generation and scraping tools is required.

  • You will need to put in the time and effort. We expect to call 100 to 200 locations per day. Experience in using remote dialers is required.

  • You must know how to use a CRM to track, follow-up, and maintain the relationships or cultivate the relationships with these prospects.


  • With a base salary of $1,000/month + $200-500 commission for each location installed. Results-driven compensation for every qualified lead that the core team is able to close, and 30 days after equipment has been installed (full sales process to be completed by the core sales team, with 90% close rate).

  • We expect you to make ~$4,000 after the 1st 90 days of training and filling out your pipeline (This is for an average salesperson. For anybody that is above average to a good salesperson, we are expecting you to hit substantially more in commissions)


  • Strong communication skills in sales interactions

  • Native American English-speaking ability

  • Experience with lead generation and outbound phone calls to Florida-based companies

  • High confidence, autonomy, and drive

  • Quick-witted and capable of handling objections

  • Experience in B2B sales, Insurance sales, or Mortgage Lending is a plus!

We’re looking truly for ready-to-go leads and deals HUNTER who has done all this, has been on the phones, and has been able to build relationships towards converting prospects.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some perks and benefits of the job?
This role is performance-driven. You will be paid $1000/month as a base rate, but you can earn a lot more in commissions ($200-500 for each location installed); With the potential to earn $2000 or more in commissions per month if you hustle and do this full time.
Is this a contractor (1099) or employee (W2) position?
This is a 1099 role (Independent Contractor).
Is there a trial or test period? About how long?
Yes. The first month will be a paid trial to confirm how you hustle, your work ethic, and if you are capable of delivering results.
Are there set hours I need to be working during the day?
No fixed schedule required. But we expect you to hustle and do this full time, calling and vetting at least 100 prospects per day.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Business Development / Sales jobs